Iscar with many leading-edge products attend EMO HANNOVER 2017

EMO machine tool exhibition is one of the world’s largest industrial exhibition.In 2017, EMO exhibition will be held in Hanover, Germany.There will be more than 2000 companies from 41 countries participation;An estimated 150000 people visiting this big machine tool show.Iscar booth located in HALL 4, booth number E38, booth area of 342 square meters, again to & other;Machining Intelligently”Namely, & otherWith smart change throughout manufacturing &;As the theme, and will display the cutting edge of cutting tool.Iscar launch meet industrial standard 4.0 tool to help users big feed using high-speed cutting tools and cutting tools for processing, cutting and minimal quantities of lubricant (MQL) and other modern processing strategy in order to follow the user and machine interconnected & other;The Internet of things & throughout;Demand.Iscar continues to expand its already on the market product series, the products in the global metal cutting industry established many industry standards.Today, manufacturers are facing austerity, lean production, and the challenges of the market, need to get more support from its suppliers.Iscar tool series to help manufacturers with its technological innovation through the use of advanced processing strategy, cutting-edge engineering solutions can continue to improve the efficiency of its in the metal cutting processing, improve investment returns.New cutter series focused on through the clever tighten in the blade clamping mechanism and improve the reliability of the machining process, eventually improve the productivity.Iscar to respond to the latest market demand, the demand for ubiquitous high-speed machining and car milling compound machining center and the development of amplification;On the blade and the blade geometry form common upgrade, less downtime, lower labor costs.Here are part of the cutting tool product: dovetail IQ tool (DOVE – IQTURN) : the dovetail groove of technology innovation combined with a lever type clamping mechanism, very solid, high rigid blade clamping for heavy cutting.Damping vibration control module type tool (WHISPERLINE) : iscar anti vibration cutting tools for cutting and cutting groove series, with a new type damping module vibration control mechanism with vibration, improve the quality of processed surface, improve the blade and tool life.Dovetail groove IQ knife (DOVE – IQ GRIP) : this series of cutting tools with unique front locking mechanism, design makes in a deep cavity of heavy cutting processing can achieve smooth chip removal.IQ pentagonal overlord knife (PENTA – IQ GRIP) : impressive pentagon blade with small specification 5 cutting edges, suitable for processing cutting depth deeper and higher machining accuracy of groove and cut processing.Spiral blade milling cutter series 390 IQ (HELI – IQ – MILL 390) : milling insert with three cutting edge, leading edge cutting edge design has a lower cutting force and reduce the machine power consumption efficiency.Compared with traditional two cutting edges of the spiral blade milling cutter, the blade has a more economical advantage.4 blade disc cutter (MILL4FEED) : big feed milling cutter (FEEDMILL) new series, clamping with four cutting edges of the square single-sided milling insert, or reduce large overhanging the machine is designed for low power applications of cutting force.Dovetail cutter series 845 IQ (DOVE – IQ MILL) : a specially designed eight blade milling insert is widely applied in 50 & deg;Main Angle face milling, suitable for the vast majority of rough milling and milling and fine processing of the material processed.Fast shadow tool (FLASHTURN) : application of a wide range of small specification ISO blades, each cutting edge is more economic.Iscar offers a variety of geometric shapes of the blade, blade edge radius, chip breaker groove and frontier carbide grades to choose from.IQ in the double THREAD blade (DECA IQ THREAD) : the unique THREAD machining blade circumscribed circle diameter of 16 mm, with 10 cents to double blade cutting edges.Compared with common three paperback screw blade, blade new design geometry blade each cutting edge is more economic.High pressure cooling double-headed cutting knife (DO – GRIP JET LINE) : high pressure cooling JET (JHP) to the blade between the rake face and chip area.Not only makes the chip removal is very smooth, but also gain a longer tool life.IQ chameleon DRILL 700 series (CHAM – IQ – DRILL 700) : with unique design, by the elastic deformation of cemented carbide cutter clamping part since the lock;From the demand for clamping the attachment.Set of mind, is the result of cutting head well hole machining precision is higher, cylindricity is higher.IQ of magical chameleon diamonds (SUMOCHAMIQ) : expand the SUMOCHAM segment options, introduced the cutting edge of the cutter with a concave surface of technology innovation, design improved the concave surface bit self-centering performance, without guide holes.Magic beam gun drill (SUMOGUN) : the bunch of magic chameleon diamonds (SUMOCHAM) segment, used in the range of 10-25.9 mm in diameter deep hole drilling processing, maximum drill as deep as 800 mm.By magical chameleon can be realized in the machine gun drill replacement segment, don’t need to remove the drill pipe by replacing cutting head.Made with the clip-on IQ slot knife (TANG – GRIP IQ) : single-head cutting blade, high clamping rigidity;Great compact design makes the chip removal is very smooth.Swiss automatic lathe upgrade series (SWISSCUT INNOVAL) : upgrade SWISSCUT series, the new blade elliptic clamping hole with technology innovation.New clamp design adopted the special clamp screw, can from the front of the tool holder and to tighten and loosen screw on the back of the operation, be exempted from the risk of any component drop.Hot wheels cutter P290 (MILLSHRED P290) : for large overhanging shoulder milling provide the ideal solution.Clamping waveform milling cutter slice cutter can realize the vibration reduction, and optimize the vast majority of processed materials processing.Double spiral milling cutter series (HELIDO LINE (690) : 690 new milling cutter series for 90 & deg;Shoulder milling.H690 series cutter clamping band 6 triangle right hand spiral cutting edge milling insert.Spiral blade design makes the blade is more durable, more stable processing performance.In cold speed spindle (SPINJET) : holding small diameter cutter, cooling fluid drive high-speed spindle, turning velocity, 20000, 30000, 40000.Iscar is committed to work closely with users, not only to develop new technologies to meet new market demand, also by improving the equipment utilization and optimize processing performance to maximize the investment value of modern machine tools.Iscar blade and blade adaptation to a new generation of processing center, making it possible to feed processing and high speed machining, high productivity, intelligent and can share data.These knives again fulfilled iscar help users keep promise of success, and gradually establish the industrial 4.0 related standards.(the original title: iscar with many leading-edge products attend EMO HANNOVER 2017) (source: iscar)