Jinyun county disposable plastic cups paper cups sampling work

Automobil plastic net news: as the weather gets colder, disposable plastic cups, paper cups will usher in the peak season.In order to let the general public “drunk”, to ensure that the general consumers’ safety and health, October 14, jinyun county market regulator for disposable plastic cups, paper cups under special supervision and sampling inspection.This sampling, sampling nine batches, the whole sampling process were carried out in accordance with the legal procedures.Of sampling observation of unqualified products, which will be promptly investigated according to law, the results will also be open to the public in accordance with the law.The bureau joint inspection unit jinhua city quality and technical supervision court of jurisdiction larger six supply stores selling disposable plastic cups, paper cups for supervision and checking.Law enforcement personnel into the shop, after the first check the packaging of plastic cups, paper cups, see whether to name the site of factory, the production batch number, production date, shelf-life, packaging is in compliance with national standards.And the plastic cups, paper cups of shelves for random sampling, the on-site storage of samples.Inspectors will be in accordance with the national standard (GB\/T27590-2011) of plastic cups, paper cups of health indicators, physical performance test.Editor: LuoKaiJiang