Kenner metal launch KBDM face milling cutter Implement precision machining

Had to replace the internal combustion engine sealing gasket mechanic knows, cylinder head and cylinder block has a smooth, flat surface to its normal operation is very necessary.Car manufacturers are more clearly, they pursue controllable, predictable surface precision grade, and higher productivity;At every parts in the process of machining, but also the pursuit of the maximization of the knives’ service life, and the tooling cost minimum.A lot of mechanic might think, what’s the big deal?Aluminum is one of the most easy to processing of materials., of course, when talking to a common 6061 – T6 material, this statement is very correct, but talking to automobile industry of aluminum alloy material, this kind of view is completely wrong.Grades 319 and 390, for example, type of materials can be easily cast into a variety of complex shapes, which used in the production of cylinder block, piston, cylinder head, pulley, and other similar parts, but because of these materials are of high silica content (higher than 6061 material 20-30), they are like sandstone as difficult processing.Launch KBDM kerner metal face milling cutter meet the requirements of automotive aluminum material processing fortunately, for these processing abrasive metal materials mechanics, they have a better alternative than cemented carbide cutting tool products, an alternative tool can work out the same precision mirror, tens of thousands of parts can be processed and the unit cutting edges.2-3 & mu;M Ra roughness is easy to implement, the knives’ service life of 40000 pieces of cylinder block, cylinder head, and other auto parts are also easily, & raquo;Kenner metal company’s senior product manager (indexable milling cutter) Tim Marshall said.This new type of face milling cutter with dense tooth aluminum blade, wedge clamping and adjustable design.At the same time provide a variety of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) blade, from single edge razor blades for finishing to the light blade surface, and standard knife blade, as well as for heavy roughing and square shoulder milling 1\/2 in. (12.7 mm) of axial processing cutting tool.He mentioned is the latest kerner metal company KBDM PCD face milling cutter.KBDM cutting tool is designed for mass processing applications, inventory standard product model for 2.5 to 8.0 in. (63-200 – mm), Marshall also mentioned processing customized products of the company.We can provide the diameter 21.5 in. (550 mm) models of custom products.Customer can therefore processing large parts, a single feed can complete the operation.We also provide the overall rod, HSK tooling, levorotatory tool, special processing, edge and special point selection scheme.KBDM not only has perfect blade design.Because car manufacturers often processing their own production of patent aluminum alloy material, kenner metal company also developed two kinds of PCD material blade as supplement: KD1400 small diamond grain design, has excellent resistance to collapse and blade wear resistance;KD1425 diamond grain design, thus has excellent wear resistance and thermal stability properties, but in terms of its blade resistance performance slightly.Both material can use high cutting parameters – depends on rigid alloy material and tool assembly;Kenner metal company suggested that sets the initial cutting speed to 3280 ft\/min (1000 m\/min), rate of feed per tooth. Set to 004 in. (0.01 mm), although can significantly improve the two parameters.A large machine tool manufacturers for us in the cutting tests, and compares the several competitive products, Marshall said.We used a 24 tooth, diameter 6.0 in. (150 mm) face milling cutter, the radial turning is 80%, the axial cut 1 mm deep, feed rate is 0.006 in. IPT (0.15 mm) cutting speed of 9600 ft\/min (2926 m\/min).Rotation speed is 6112 RPM, table feed rate for 880 IPM (22350 mm).Processing speed is very fast.Even in the case of such rapid, KBDM or processing surface roughness of the 14.7 Ra, raised several points than the other tools.Marshall advice before installation to preset KBDM, or can use an optical video measuring device.In the adjusting screw and lock screw parts, and knife nest wedge profile should apply a small amount of grease.Axis of rotation to the adjusting screw until the blade is located in the final set height. The 0004-0.0006 in. (0.010 0.015 mm) the following locations, then use the 31 in\/lb (3.5 Nm) of torque twist lock screw.- do not overly tight – then adjust each blade to its final position of height.If you use the light blade, higher than the other blade can set it to 0.0006 to 0.0008 in. (0.015 0.020 mm).Set up process is very simple, Marshall said.Can be easily adjusted to 2 or 3 micron precision scope.This is one of the keys to successful completion of the end face milling, has on the high-speed spindle is not only for the correct balance set, this operation can also achieve the roughness – when you’re on cylinder body or the combination of the cylinder head surface finishing, both is critical.Kerner metal company as a global leader of industrial technology, in the past more than seventy-five years has been fighting in the advanced materials innovation, we by applying the most advanced materials science, cutting tool and high wear-resisting solutions, to help customers increase productivity.Our customers throughout the aviation industry, road construction and mining, energy, general machinery processing and transport, and other fields, kenner can help them achieve efficient precision metal manufacturing.We have nearly 11000 employees in more than 60 countries around the world, they every day in our best to keep our customers competitive advantage.Kenner metal in the revenue of more than $2.1 billion in fiscal year 2016.(the original title: launch KBDM kerner metal face milling cutter for automotive industry aluminum material processing requirements) (source: metal processing)