Lever of silk of half closed circuit heats up machining center be out of shape automatic compensation technology reaps level sex gain

This project is in the online production test and verify this year, with axis of X of TH6350 machining center (half closed-loop control) to study the object undertook filar lever heat is out of shape automatic compensation experiments, came true to amend process act accurate, control is stable and reliable, make its heat is out of shape the fixed position error that cause by 42um above, reduce 21um less than, reduce an error 50% , increased the dynamic precision of the machine tool and thermal stability effectively. The control of this technology, for the development of new product of machine tool of company other numerical control, improve the dynamic performance of the machine tool, provided strong technical support. It is reported, to numerical control machine tool heat of lever of silk of half closed circuit is out of shape undertake detect automatically and be compensatinged, had not seen applied precedent in domestic person of the same trade at present. Craft place lab is accelerating the application of technology of hot to this compensation to consider, realize heat of lever of 3 reference axis silk to be out of shape hard undertake heating up is out of shape compensating controlling at the same time, complete the test of scientific research of manufacturing test and verify this year.