Machine tool of Changchun numerical control strengthens brand construction to answer financial crisis

Limited company of machine tool of Changchun numerical control is a business that pursues a machine tool making for years, main production general accuracy machine tool, friction welding receives machine tool and digital machine tool 3 kinds of products. From 2008 second half of the year begins, foreign order decreases, company profit exceeds now to slip. Face stagnant economic situation, this company captures its friction welding to receive technical divisions to precede at international level this one advantage, increase ” Changchun numerical control ” the productivity that friction welding receives a machine tool, benefit servantchooses a person for a job to make a brand without technology of my some core, enter the market. Authority of Jiang Hong of company chief engineer expresses, company the order Feburary does not fall to be added instead, had achieved 8. The business that strengthens own brand construction so like Changchun numerical control still has a lot of. Surpass in 100 grams, gold, amend, the enterprise such as technology of new industry photoelectricity, project controller is in in speaking of financial crisis ” go against the raise on situation ” when the reason, happen to coincide the ground mentions the value that the brand builds.