Machine tool of new-style CTX 10er lifts lathe domain tornado

Series of DMG SlimeLinePanel CTX 10 Er uses the DMG SlimeLinePanel that brings LCD of 15 color and newest 3D software first. By right of the optimal value, most advanced technology CTX 10 Er the department labelled lathe domain to lift a tornado.    The technical level of the DMG on METAV wants tower above competitor one big chunk. Because begin from June, the machine tool of all-purpose treatment series deployed the DMG SlimeLinePanel that brings LCD of 15 color and 3D software new-styly. The series of CTX 10 Er of DMG company depends on its big circumgyrate diameter range, higher level was established in new design, and make a machine tool more efficient, the price is more favourable. The use of high-end component made sure auxiliary time shortens 25% , improved productivity and economy greatly at the same time.    Power of exhibiting drive of axis of electric machinery of machine tool whole amounts to 31kw, tower of fast knife of servo of 12 times circumgyrate, its change knife time to be 0.1 seconds.    In addition, the software of 3 open loop that CTX 410 and CTX 510 also contain high end by right of its controls a system to have banner place on world market. According to the need of every client, can choose the CNC that deserves to have software of newest ShopTurn-3D process designing to control the Siemens 840D of mode, the Heidenhain IT that takes DINPlus (optional Turn Plus) perhaps contains the Fanuc 21i TB of ManualGuide I.    METAV exhibits meeting beginning, move on the DMG SlimeLinePanel that all CNC control systems are taking LCD of 15 color new-styly, the 3D modelling software that depends on high end at the same time ensures the operation is comfortable and convenient.    With this, machine tool of series of new-style CTX 10 Er- assured its indulgence price, this has absolutely advantage on economy. The machine tool of series of all CTX 10 Er- all optional Space Green Metallic.