Machine tool of numerical control of high end of elder brother machine realizes batch exit

    Elder brother machine signed boring machine of mill of be born of 2 large numerical control to export a contract again with Korea company recently, elder brother machine exports the machine tool of high-end numerical control of Korea to already amounted to 4 this year, every price all exceeds 1 million dollars, total amount amounts to 4.09 million dollar.  
Inc. of Kunming machine tool is the mainstay business that our country manufactures large and accurate machine tool, come a few years, the company takes own innovation seriously very, development of high starting point gave boring machine of mill of large be born, in the whole nation first development went to lie boring type the product of numerical control of a batch of high end such as machining center, dig table machining center. Among them, the TK6920 that company development produces 5 axes linkage is large boring machine of mill of numerical control be born, break through a series of crucial technologies, achieve linkage of 14 axle control, 5 axes, reach world advanced level. In a foreign country after 8 months running continuously on product line of solely invested company, make this enterprise 17 million yuan buy machine money to call in entirely, created considerable economic benefits.  
To enhance the international competition ability of the product, elder brother machine insists to have production according to international standard, established complete quality hierarchy of control, execute strict product to examine system, good with cheap of qualitative actor, price, service established good brand image, lie boring product passes CE international attestation, card of elder brother machine is by assess of national Department of Commerce China ” have brand of market competition ability most ” , infiltrate for company product the international market laid solid foundation thereby.  
In April 2007, in Beijing when product of elder brother machine machine tool of the 10th international is exhibited on high-key when exhibiting, caused the high attention of Korea travelling merchant, later Korea travelling merchant makes an on-the-spot investigation twice on the spot to elder brother machine, for product of elder brother machine advanced technical level, powerful engineering capability, batch produces be convinced of place of dimensions of numerical control machine tool. The course communicates with all possible means and negotiate, divide namely second bought elder brother machine boring machine of mill of 4 large be born. Now, product of elder brother machine has sold as far as to the numerous country such as Canada, Czech, Korea, Brazil, Turkey.