Method for numerical control introduced the latest research and development of CNC floor-type boring and milling machining center

held in the last month of the seventh China debut of the nc machine tool exhibition FV200 type CNC floor-type boring and milling machining center cause the high attention of the industry, the reason mainly concentrated in two aspects, one is its reach the international advanced level of high spindle speed and feed rate, the second is the manufacturer of shandong method because of the background of CNC machinery co., LTD.

method for numerical control the company was founded ten years has been engaged in steel structure of the secondary processing equipment specializing in the production of industry knowledge, its original product category mainly includes three categories, respectively, in the service of tower steel structure, construction steel structure and large plate processing field.In recent years, began to try to expand the company’s products range, in addition to the direct application of steel structure industry, has gradually extended to the wind, nuclear power, the central refrigeration, desalination and other industries.

the introduction of FV200 type CNC floor-type boring and milling machining center used military-industrial complex, nuclear power, wind power, energy, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aerospace, transportation and other machinery manufacturing industry of large complex workpiece rough and finish machining, milling, boring, drilling, tapping dimpling and other functions, in terms of its performance, high, the same industry at home is come.

the ground boring and milling machining center is the method for company and Italian Colgar cooperation development of new products, its technical source for Col pride gar company, from in the process of development to product market has been more than two years.Colgar Italian company was founded in 1945, is one of the machinery factory enjoys a high reputation in the European market, with the technical structure and production of flexible structure, in areas such as large boring machine, large bending machine attainments deep, on a global scale has a larger market share.

is the personage inside course of study thinks, this cooperation will become a method for numerical control companies to adjust product structure, break through the traditional steel structure the beginning of secondary processing equipment scope.According to mutual agreement signed earlier for CNC production by Colgar company’s proprietary technology FV200 type boring and milling machining center, will be named “Fin&Colgar” (Fin) method for trademark trademark together, except Russia in Australia in Asia and Africa public sale, other than the Mediterranean and enjoy the exclusive rights to these areas.

method for numerical control the cooperative production and Colgar company FV200 vigorously develop foreign markets for the company not only adds a powerful Jordan farmar, and shows the direction of adjustment of product structure and determination.