New technology of new product of machine tool of Shandong general Lu Te passes appraisal to check and accept

Be in Teng state city to chair by economy of jujube village city and informatization committee held new technical appraisement of 4 when by Shandong limited company of machine tool of Pu Lu spy assumes provincial new products to check and accept meeting, these 4 new products are respectively ” laser beam welding receives lathe of tubal whorl numerical control ” , ” dragon door type 9 axes mill of 5 linkage boring is compound machining center ” , ” VMC714A moves column vertical high speed to get mill machining center ” , ” machining center of movable type of LDM4025 dragon door ” , company this 4 projects are new the product checks and accept committee appraisal through appraisal entirely, among them a new product achieved international advanced level, 3 new products reached home first level. Committee of new product appraisal is believed by city classics appoint leader, city is new and high do Electromechanical of leader, city to do composition of leader, relevant expert, president Lin Zhao has, feng of vise general manager is the same as boat, Li Xingyong, Zhang Lingping, the company leader such as chief engineer Geng Jianguo attended appraisal to meet. In recent years, the high speed that accompanying a company develops, the company is paid attention to very increase technical innovation capacity, the investment that is used at research and development occupies the 5% above of sales revenue all the time. The company holds technical innovation plenary meeting every year, heavy award technology highlights contributor; Establish innovation drive mechanism, carry out technical project to be in charge of making with special award system, increased the enthusiasm that technical personnel works greatly, the application of intellectual property and accredit are shown erupt type grows. Appraisal is met on, expert attending the meeting listened to the relevant report of company each project seriously, examined material of new product appraisal and user data. Appraisal committee rejoins via doubt, after discussing seriously, carry new product of limited company of machine tool of Shandong general Lu Te consistently provincial appraisal.    Lin Zhao has president to be able to arrive at guidance to thanks to each expert, express, technical innovation is the lasting theme that the company grows, also be the important step that the firm improves core competition ability, establish oneself in an unassailable position. Forest president points out, the company will continue to produce talent advantage and technical innovation advantage, all-around begin technical innovation collaboration, join the market cheek by jowl, ensure the technology innovation advantage is changed effectively into market competition ability, make the company hard the company of technical surveyor’s pole of industry of domestic home machine tool.    City classics is believed appoint the achievement that the leader affirmed adequately to in recent years technical innovation acquires the company, point out, should continue to produce technical innovation advantage adequately and be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with content couplet net; Strengthen own brand construction, the competition ability that promotes a brand and beauty praise degree, the hope creates new outstanding achievement ceaselessly, become the base of property of small machine tool is indispensable backbone force in Teng Zhou, it is good to state the branch will try hard to do related city service and support work, provide favorable exterior development environment for the company, the ceaseless progress that achieves a company expands.