Neway CNC machining center through the national machine tool quality supervision and inspection center


, from neway CNC equipment (suzhou) co., LTD., produced by the company of five-axis linkage VM604F vertical machining center, five-axis linkage gantry machining center PM2506U success through the national quality supervise center of machine tool inspection, marked the neway CNC equipment technical level on a new step.

, multi-axis linkage CNC machine tools has been to measure the important reference of the technical level of the machine tool enterprises, especially above five-axis linkage machine tool research and development manufacturing.Neway CNC equipment, after many years of technical accumulation, the successful research and development production of five-axis linkage VM604F vertical machining center, gantry machining center PM2560U five-axis linkage.In July 2017, the national quality supervise center of machine tool professionals from multiple dimensions such as safety, reliability, accuracy and environmental protection, these two sets of five-axis machine tools for the comprehensive inspection.Inspection report released, more than two hundred testing data shows that each index machine is superior to the control standard, to fully demonstrate the excellent performance of neway numerical control equipment manufacturing.
neway CNC equipment (suzhou) technology co., LTD is located in suzhou city, covers an area of 200000 square meters, have set temperature integrated assembly shop, precision testing workshop, precision machining, heat treatment workshop, painting workshop and the integration of logistics center in the integration of high standard production workshop, is in jiangsu province, the largest, most complete varieties, export most of metal cutting machine tool production enterprise, is also one of the fastest-growing companies in the metal cutting machine tool industry.Currently, neway CNC equipment to introduce top European and American longmen pentahedron, coordinate boring, high-precision lie, universal grinding machine, rail grinding, etc as machine tools, and is equipped with three coordinates, laser interferometer, dynamic balancing instrument, such as spindle temperature rise test bench test equipment.The company USES the advanced SAP management system, committed to the pursuit of zero defect products, to provide customers with high-quality high-grade CNC processing equipment.Neway CNC company currently has more than 680 employees, annual output value of 460 million yuan.”Company attaches great importance to product development design, neway machine tool research institute has more than one hundred domestic machine tool industry leading r&d engineer.”According to relevant controller introduces, neway CNC company research institute located in high-end CNC machine tools in the research and development, the plan in the next five years to reach three hundred people in the research and development team.