Numerical control lathe claim to the sensor

Sensor CNC lathe is one of the important composition, no sensor CNC lathe will be not only a manual lathe numerical control.Sensor is a kind of can feel the provisions is measured, and convert the available output signal according to certain rules of device or devices, the input signal (measured) tend to be power, output signal are often easy to processing power, such as voltage, etc.Sensor is a lot of more phyletic, classification standard, the term is different also, common resistive sensors, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, temperature sensors, piezoelectric sensors, hall sensor, thermocouple sensor, photoelectric sensor, digital position sensor, etc.In nc machine tools are mainly on the application of sensor, close to switches, photoelectric encoder, linear grating temperature sensors, hall sensor, current sensor, voltage sensor, pressure sensor, liquid level sensor, rotating transformer, inductosyn, speed sensor and so on, mainly used to detect the location, linear displacement and angular displacement, velocity, pressure, temperature, etc.Nc machine tool demand for sensor: (1) the high reliability and strong anti-interference;(2) meet the requirements of precision and speed;(3) use convenient maintenance, suitable for machine tool operation environment;(4) the cost is low.Different kinds of CNC machine tools, the requirements of sensor is endless also and same, in general, large-scale machine tools require high response speed, medium and high precision nc machine tools is given priority to with required accuracy.