Nuo believes machine tool of numerical control of XK957PF hard course, machining center to will appear on CIMT

XK957PF participates in design decide on a verdict, couplet to be the same as Taiwan force collaboration by personnel of engineering of research and development of Nuo letter company, it is domestic client demand only of custom-built production have type only, airframe casts the Logo mark of letter having Nuo, reveal peculiar.

The outstanding performance of this machine:

1, super journey: X axis achieved 900mm, y axis 550mm, z axis 700mm, brought up this super machine.

2, adopted those who exceed wide, big span ” person ” word pillar design, exceeded journey height to provide firm basis for Z axis 700mm.

3, the freeboard design of Z axis is for the client’s treatment freeboard work thinks, develop one aircraft truly multi-purpose, raise a client buy sexual price to compare. After adding the library that hold a knife especially, can ensure have enough treatment height space.

4, Y axial was adopted compound the design of 4 big broad gauge, raised workbench directly bearing weight, basically was to reduce most wide model the creeping phenomenon of corrupt practice of hard slippery track, rise bearing moving precision is not broken again after ability. Of workbench bearing weight achieves 650KG.

5, completely separate structure designs water of whole engine oil, the consideration is subtle to lube of Z axial slideway appropriative collects release oily opening, avoid to have any compound opportunities with cooling fluid. And postposition mark matched oily moisture to leave case, easier spot is safeguarded.

6, nut of 3 axes guide screw it is whole cast and become, decreased to assemble the loss of precision, raise moving tigidity and precision.

7, overall cast already lead designed what helix discharges bit machine to cooperate the position, machine of bit letting a platoon and machine are not had seam join to form an organic whole, the choose and buy is used more convenient.

8, main spare parts used the entrance supplier such as numerous and famous Japan, Taiwan, it is to the manufacturer that character ensures is supplied directly. Ensured this machine thereby manufacture character.

9, design of illuminant of side direction of the buy before working floodlight is adopted, avoid to carry buy illume on the head easy by the problem of keep out.

10, outside surround Ban gold to use concise curve design. The system goes line, condole to hang used type of Ban gold an organic whole to design, installation is safeguarded handier.

Overview: From brief introduction of detail of afore-mentioned journey, carring capacity, mechanical design, this machine surmounted 800 series model completely, can replace 1000 series model. All sorts of performance dominant positions, brought up this machine that is full of make public individual character.