On machine tool of numerical control of senior technician Zhu Zhenping bold innovation show one’s skill

Zhang Yun photographs the Zhu Zhenping in the jobNet of daily Gansu Province on May 3 dispatch (western business signs up for reporter Zhang Yun) not lockstep, constrained in the past, bold innovation improves technology; Very careful, new to each technology seeks testimony carefully, do one’s best is perfect, do not accept blemish, he is photoelectron of Gansu Province rainbow lathe work of numerical control of plant of machining of finite liability company, senior technician — Zhu Zhenping. Practice of manufacturing a gleam of is excellent competenceWhen it is the most difficult that state-operated rainbow photoelectron runs a plant, successive a few months are not sent give salary, a lot of people leave his post at that time go out, but Zhu Zhenping still chose to stand fast. Be this more than 10 the most difficult years, he is mixed conscientiously with his sureness the spirit of work with perseverance, on lathe work post, experienced the competence with excellent a suit, become the technical expert of the workshop. 2006, zhu Zhenping is in a company in those days show itself in contest of lathe work skill, pick contest of company technical ability ” technical expert ” title, be gone entering contest of skill of whole town lathe work by company choose. He is in subsequently whole town and contest of complete province lathe work not Wei strong opponent, with one action carries off whole town lathe work the 2nd, complete province lathe work the 17th outstanding achievement, have the honor to win smooth cool city ” technical example ” with the Gansu Province ” technical example ” title, be promoted to a high office to be technician by abnormality, become the NO.1 of domain of firm lathe work. Unreserve craft sends a fellow worker2006, the company introduced a batch of advanced numerical control machine tools early or late, established numerical control machining center, he is moved to numerical control center to operate these new facility as the manufacturing backbone at that time, the company sends him to undertake grooming in the round to small giant company, after coming back, be in charge of undertaking grooming to other employee. Face new field, advanced new facility and different process designing code, he began again new round struggle. After learning to come back, zhu Zhenping imparts the intellectual unreserve land that he acquires to other staff, took large quantities of one outstanding numerical control to operate a worker, the modernization that is company machining made contribution. Bold innovation captures difficulty2010, spaceflight ministry cooperates 510 times with the company, want to have the development of product of a few kinds of spaceflight, the component of a few core in box body part, crucial effect is having in whole product. The general character characteristic of these spare partses is, material sticks a knife, cutting tool wears away fast, form is complex, need fiducial transition for many times. In the product research and development before the company, can not offer reference and the experience that draw lessons from, the company gave him the task that experiment of early days craft and craft fumble. Face different model and complex, he searchs a data with all possible means, bold undertake imitate of technological process substance, to the model that make, fumble treatment method, develop the treatment technology that gave effective eventually, realized the successful treatment of box body part. 2013, spaceflight ministry all 510 one key, be hard to machine. This spare parts is grail kind, it is Bao Bi, need solders, still have after solder be out of shape. After Zhu Zhenping takes over the task, try on computer build different model, analyse the account that processes not easily, experiment through relapsing, tried white steel knife and couple of alloy knife photograph, numerical control lathe and the treatment technology that common lathe photograph combines, anneal undertakes a few times again among, capture eventually technical difficulty, obtained major breakthrough.