Paper box sold polybag to throw away directly ” pair 11 ” leave huge express rubbish

Current, be apart from pair of 11 nets to buy carnival to already went the time with much a week, many citizens are in pair of 11 package that the net buys sheet that day already also received in succession. As double arrive what 11 express lap in succession, harbor city be like,the express in box of the entrance guard room of a lot of office building and village, express also piles up hill. In the backside that so much express laps, have a problem with each passing day dash forward show, that is, accompaniment sheds the addition of order, the amount of express rubbish also is increasing, if why this handle those at packing the paper box of express, polybag using? This becomes a lot of citizens one is placed in the difficult problem before.

Huge express rubbish keeps cleaner very busy

Double inside the 11 a week in the past, ms. Chen of the member that around urban megalosaurus road some village is engaged in Bao Jie was greeted in a year the busiest when. The Lou Dong that she is in charge of shares 2 member that protect clean, need to clear 2 times only everyday at ordinary times can finish, but double ten hind, she works in the same place with hers, a day of need clears 4 times. Downstair ash-bin does not arrive a long time to be filled to get full to the brim, a lot of owner are flat and direct express the rubbish that pack is lost outside ash-bin. Ms. Chen tells us, the 2nd this is her experience double 11, double last year 11, she turns even the axis 10 days continuously. Look in Ms. Chen, paper box clears rise to still calculate convenient, the polybag that takes stickiness and scotch tape just are the big difficult problem that clear. Because ash-bin does not fill in to fall, a few adhesive plaster are sticky go up in the ground, classics person relapses the stickiness after trample is extremely strong, ms. Chen and work in the same placing are forced to keep clear of one by one with scoop.

The closest a week, environmental sanitation work is similar also very hardships, ms. Zhang that pursues environmental sanitation job around road of urban rising sun tells a reporter, double 11 around, she clears everyday most rubbish besides deciduous leaf it is the express rubbish that pack, introduce according to Ms. Zhang, actually more than she is busy, annual pair of 11 around, whole town can appear everywhere huge express packs rubbish, the rubbish such as the thing of plastic foam amortize that has interior of the many box that pack, adhesive plaster, express among them. Ms. Zhang tells a reporter, inside the area that she is in charge of, double inside the ten a week after, day all rubbish quantity is at ordinary times 2 to 3 times, the workload of carry of rubbish Qing Dynasty around village and partial unit, also be at ordinary times of workload severalfold.

Paper box sells reclaim station polybag is direct and refuse

Recently a few days, ms. Liu that lives in new and high area is enmeshed in the joyance that tears open express at the same time, the 30 many express that also putting for nowhere at the same time pack a box to be anxious. The express previously packs a box to do not have so concentration, I threw away directly, but these days altogether scrape up 30 many, threw some regrettablly. Ms. Liu says, she is thought of will want to go, phone reject finally to buy a station to arrive home in reclaim, but near 20 jins paper box just sold 10 yuan of fund.

Differ with Ms. Liu, live in city east the introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady of community packs the express of scrape up however threw away. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady tells a reporter, double this year 11 during, she issues sheet in all 47, had received nearly 40 in succession at present. And pack carton to express, she threw away directly for the most part. In the home too small, pile up without the place, besides the carton with one fraction good quality, I use outfit child toy, I other threw away. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady says, reclaim the price of carton is too low, send reject to buy a station to be bothered already not be to one’s profit, so major express packs carton, she is flat threw away directly.

Subsequently, the reporter is in reject to buy a station around bridge of urban Shenyang country fairdyke see inside the courtyard, box of the waste paper that pack piled all sorts of express full one car. This reject buys a station to be in charge of manhole gentleman telling a reporter, this moment ought be to reclaim of paper box off-season, but because double 11, reclaim measure increased. Inside the closest a week, we can get the nearly 2 tons carton that pack everyday, and can receive 1 ton or so only everyday at ordinary times. Aperture gentleman tells a reporter, this reject buys a station to be in pair of 11 a week after inside, it is to reclaim the busy season of paper box, and what they buy the paper box that come basically is to send the waste product with past older urban district to buy a station, bale finally and send the paper of direction of Shu this world, Shandong the plant centrally, become second birth paper by paper mill redo.

Reasonable recycle resource prevents awkward situation

Yesterday, the reporter understands from city postal management board, will come on November 11 this year on November 19, our city express treating capacity already exceeded 7.6 million, and 2016 annual, our city express treating capacity already exceeded 100 million. This is occupied show adequately in recent years the development of industry of our city express, and the backside in this one reality, brought not little pressure to the environment however. Express is packed cause rubbish increasingly the problem of grow in quantity, also got at present more and more attention.

The reporter in interviewing understands, to reduce cost, resource conservation, staff member of company of our city major express, meeting choice buys one part carton to be used at packing express, and the express delivery that requires for the most part packs carton, it is to reclaim of recycle. Express member people can urge the citizen that sends express, bring from inside the home at ordinary times the paper box that the net buys earning is used circularly again. If somebody closes when tear open a paper case that does not want later on the spot, they also can reclaim paper box recycle, can promote paper the utilization rate of box so, reduce resources waste.

Nevertheless, the staff member that pursues express trade for the most part expresses, participate in paper box to reclaim at present the citizen that use is not much, what collect paper box technically to deliver express personnel is fewer. This brought about the our city’s many express to pack box to be used by 2 hard. And be aimed at this problem, the personage inside concerned course of study thinks, besides let citizens nurturance uses a convention 2 times outside, express business also should be built reclaim accordingly mechanism, with reasonable use resource, absolve the box that pack not to sell on valence is refuse regrettablly awkward situation.