Qiqihaer city federation of trade unions chairman Gao Jingzhou line qi 2 machine tool to help

On September 27, Gao Jingzhou qiqihaer city federation of trade unions chairman, vice chairman YanYu, minister of economic affairs Bai Jingyu in-depth qi 2 machine tool Ma Hengchang group production on-site condolences to the 19 big party, the national model worker, Ma Hengchang team leader and his horsemen.Company party secretary, accompanied by haiyan, hung-chih chang, chairman of the union.Qiqihar second machine tool (group) co., LTD. (reorganized from qiqihaer second machine tool plant) (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Qi 2 machine tool & throughout;)In October 1950, shenyang moved north, is the “contents” China machinery industry during the first batch of key leading enterprise, national Ma Hengchang group in the enterprise.Since the establishment of a number of party and state leaders on enterprise and group visits.After 60 years of development and construction, qi 2 machine tool has become a heavy duty machine tools and forging equipment in our country’s famous production base, the national “11th five-year” development special CNC machine tool industrialization key support enterprise, leading enterprises, China heavy machine tool for 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in our country and on five continents over 40 countries and regions of the world provided nearly 60000 units (sets) of machine tool equipment, among them, for national defense, military industry, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, energy, and other areas of the national key industries and provide single machine equipment more than 2000 sets, one hundred tons of national basic industries development and made important contribution to the national defense construction.Enterprise won the national “May 1” labor certificates, the national excellent enterprise ideological and political work, innovative companies, China industry pioneer enterprises, independent innovation, numerical control machine tool industry output value, sales revenue, carefully creating brand activities, comprehensive economic benefits of the five top ten enterprises, top 500 China machinery and so on the title.In recent years, China’s machine tool industry downturn, the long-term in & other;High inadequate low not & throughout;The embarrassing situation.In the face of such situation, qi 2 machine tool without doing nothing, are proactive, according to market demand, adjust the enterprise development planning, in adversity rushes out the new direction of the transformation of development.Because of this, in 2017, qi 2 machine tool overall business trend stabilized to the good.This year, closely around the qi 2 machine tool enterprises & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Development plan for ascension retrofit scheme, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of operations, through the market to develop solid development foundation, through technical innovation to create high-end products core competitiveness.1 – April, qi 2 machine tool upturn in new market and new signing contract amount is 178.47 million yuan, up 84.6% from a year earlier, to achieve good start to the production and business operation work.& other;Keep improving, make & with mind throughout;Manufacturing concept is the core of the qi 2 machine tool professional life pursuit, its essence is qi 2 machine tool people working to improve the overall level of China’s machine tool industry manufacture.Through the adoption of the contemporary new technology such as mechanical, electrical, hydraulic design, independent research and development of qi 2 machine tool TKG6920 type high-speed CNC floor-type milling boring and more innovative nc machine tools, improve the overall equipment manufacturing technology level of domestic CNC machine tools, such as aerospace, military industry, shipbuilding, nuclear power in China national key industries of heavy equipment, key parts processing, provides the high performance of new type of high-grade equipment.As & other;Throughout the &;Size of longjiang equipment manufacturing enterprises, after qi 2 machine tool in the development of will with strong sense of responsibility and mission, add new momentum for the old industrial base in northeast, injected fresh energy to the machine tool industry in our country.Change, improve, innovation, achievement & ndash;& ndash;Qi 2 machine tool is undergoing broken cocoon into a butterfly & otherTransformation & throughout;, I believe that in such a momentum of development, qi 2 machine tool will have a more brilliant tomorrow!(this article source qiqihaer second machine tool (group) co., LTD., this small make up finishing) (provided in this paper, by the China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)