Raise one-time eat price to provide can you reduce pollution? Of environmental protection still shoulder heavy responsibilities

Can saying this year is the most severe environmental protection year, close paragraph of time about outside the plastic rubbish such as the one-time dinner service that the rapid development that sells a profession brings, polybag increases in great quantities got pay close attention to. A few days ago, 4 quadrangle accept Beijing formally federation of volunteer of Chongqing city green is sued 3 issue of liability of platform environment pollution sells one record outside the home. Lawsuit requests to sentence your the accused to order eat interface in its prominent place setting is paid use the option such as one-time tableware, mark a price to the plain code such as one-time chopstick, polybag the environment damages the zoology that; sentences your the accused to already was caused to its to have repair or bear repair cost.

Nowadays, 3 platform had made known his position external, say to preparing new environmental protection actively to plan. Actually, one-time tableware, even if businessman is done not have additional mark a price, collect fees, also be an in the long run. And in consumer there, no matter be to feel free by accident, still have no right to choose 0 dinner service, or pay no attention to a bit penny, final metropolis reflects the burden to go up in the environment.

Involve the issue of commodity domain, cannot ignore the effect of economic shift. Review not do one’s best of model of 9 fixed number of year, a lot of people point to spearhead sell model, say the shop earned many, but polybag is increasing however. Actually, because supermarket polybag price is too low, just brought about consumer dosage big, discard at will next. If polybag price sells a few higher, repeat use with respect to meeting grow in quantity. Of course, premise is polybag quality rises, is not to rise in price compulsively let manufacturer and supermarket earn sudden huge profits.

The problem of one-time tableware also is same argument, experience cost problem clearly only, consumer just can think afresh the necessity that uses one-time dinner service. Green couplet can appeal to 3 big outside sell terrace, not be the development that terrace sells outside limitation, ask its mark a price to one-time tableware plain code however, the purpose carries cost feeling and option namely, let more person change consumptive habit.

And relevant section also should apply similar thinking, the level of manufacturing level; that raises one-time tableware is high, it is benefit is used at repeating, 2 it is to rise in price to force the public is changed excessive the consumptive convention that uses one-time dinner service. The consumptive habit that changes consumer is a long-term course, should from go up at all reduce an environment to pollute a problem, want to grab first from education of environmental protection of enterprise, popular.