Refine of the North sea changes Bao Bi to fix plastic new product throw on the market

In August, refine of the North sea changes new product thin wall to note plastic all polypropylene PPH-MN60 yields smoothly sale, client use feedback is good.

All polypropylene PPH-MN60 fixes model product for thin wall of tall melt index, basically use at transparent food to pack a box to reach last a production. Guangxi area expanded economy energetically 2017, capital attraction attracts client of partial other place to build a plant, bao Bi notes prospect of model product market auspicious.

Refine of the North sea is changed turning idea, brave takes on, in achieving benefit seminar, firmly holds every tons of oily refine to arrive want acme this one key is nodded, aim market demand, hold plan of planning production of favorable turning point, adjust product structure and sale plan, produce Bao Bi successfully to note plastic 359 tons achieve total sale.

This company salesperson is insatiable, coordinate actively change annul be stationed in a factory to do the basis that becomes data of good sale system to safeguard, increase visit strength, thorough client factory undertakes recommending, gather an opinion. Excel of diaphaneity of client feedback product is congener product, after increasing use amount of purpose, make producer proposal immediately, september, this company plans to rise all polypropylene PPH-MN60 crop comes kiloton, predict many yuan 30 to raise sales revenue.