Research and development and supporting capacity is becoming more and more perfect Machine tool industry counter attack is not just a dream

manufacturing industry is the main force to support the economy running smoothly, directly reflect a country’s level of productivity.Want to face “economic downturn” the hard stuff, the key also depends on manufacturing.CNC machine tool industry is the core of the equipment manufacturing industry, the industry development is regarded as a barometer to measure the equipment manufacturing industry in our country.
the GongBoHui for nc machine tool AD hoc “nc machine tool exhibition of major projects”, focusing on the “high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment” major projects of science and technology achievements.Through high-end CNC machine tools based manufacturing equipment and technology level, set up perfect function components development and supporting capacity, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation equipment manufacturing high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment needed to meet the rate of 80%, significantly reduces the technology level of machine tool industry in China and the western industrial countries.

high-grade machine tool performance leap

in view of the situation of high-grade CNC machine tool import dependence high, special emphasis on large imports, the market demand side wide machining center and CNC lathe research and development for the deployment.Enterprises through the establishment of comprehensive test verification platform, strengthening laboratory construction, promote machine tool enterprises r&d and reliability study of high-grade machine tool.New research and development of CNC lathes, machining centers and CNC system MFBF (average trouble-free time interval) an average of more than 1000 hours, some products reached 1600 hours or more, a special before the start of more than 1 times.& have spent

key matches the international level of

by nc system, features and tools and to demonstrate the application of numerical control machine host and batch facilities, can promote the transformation of the industrial structure of the machine.Multi-channel, multi-axis linkage advanced numerical control system such as the key technical indicators have reached the international mainstream system technology: part of the brand of domestic high-grade CNC system reliability has more than 10000 hours, and the international advanced technology level, in the national defense war industry enterprise has realized the domestic high-grade CNC system zero breakthrough.

based on domestic, for various industries to protect the “air”,
five axis vertical position car milling compound machining center and other large demonstration application, special manufacturing equipment, cast off the yoke of the countries technology blockade, guarantee the safety of a new generation of aerospace manufacturing, established the first domestic processing center and numerical control turning center production model line.Applied to aviation key models of more than 100, more than 10000 key complex parts processing, space products for major national strategic demand of the development and production to provide the guarantee of the equipment manufacturing capacity and technical aspects.

CNC forging molding equipment industrialization of achievements, including car large covering parts stamping equipment reached the world advanced level, with international competitiveness.Automotive engine manufacturing equipment implementation demonstration application of key parts, precision horizontal machining to replace imported equipment in car hull lines, car engine cylinder block line application implementation group, broke the monopoly of the imported machine tools.& have spent

hull plate laser precision blanking, high precision roll bending, piecewise three-dimensional welding assembly line and ship manufacturing equipment, has been basically meet the demand of ship manufacturing, large combined crankshaft milling complex machine tools for the r&d preliminary solved some key problems of Marine diesel engine manufacturing.

“twelfth five-year” period, the specific implementation closely around the central decision-making to deploy, closely cooperate with each department, task deployment and support the manufacturing “expanding domestic demand, promoting the growth, the structure, the level of” close union, focusing on key areas needed for the key equipment research and development and demonstration application, made a number of achievements, the fruits of the machine tool industry may bring the equipment manufacturing industry of our country sunny day.