Reworked plastics will enter transition to upgrade centralized period

Policy comes on stage thick and fast related the near future, enough sees decision-making layer silver coin in order to prohibit rubbish enters a country for breach, clear the determination that rectifies second birth to use an industry to machine pollution is very sturdy. Ban dead file according to what Chinese government refers to WTO, useless plastic entrance will be in life source begin to carry out by 2017. Can see at the same time, second birth industry had entered executive phase after the adjustment of relevant policy 2017, so second half of the year will be the collect metaphase that company transition upgrades this year.

Awkward ground forces in company transition

At present country recovers the system still is perfected not quite, short-term country supply has frequent promotion hard, because this long-term home reworked plastics is supplied,still appear relatively nervous. But, although virgin material is in,pull continuously go up, but crude price is at present low, major variety still can have reworked plastics ceiling pressure. Here so the circumstance falls, prospective enterprise has 3 development way. The first, be defined to be economy of environmental protection industry, loop as renewable resources industry, those who have actual strength is medium large company perfects all sorts of environmental protection formalities and equipment investment, the probability of the person that future of this part company becomes an industry to lead is great. The 2nd, partial abroad supplies chamber of commerce to will live kind of reworked plastics, treatment produces second birth particle, reexport reachs our country. The 3rd, domestic part is large manufacturing company, move is produced to abroad, especially the southeast Asia state that has favourable policy with our country, after place digests partial grain supply of goods reimport arrives home.

On policy turning point, second birth enterprise needs to maintain reason, avoid by all means is eager to making bigger hold dish fluctuant. Jin Lian starts proposal business, defend good oneself old client above all, in goods little state of affairs falls can purchase merchandise on hand to be produced in order to manage downstream company from circumjacent area appropriately, avoid the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year that later period client estimates. Next, in policy window period, proposal company discretion is wait-and-see local policy is fluctuant direction, plan ahead of schedule good later period does dish of way. The 3rd, below environmental protection high pressure, production of later period standardization will become the safeguard that second birth industry survives, because this industry all should supply,complete ring reviews the case such as formalities, updating equipment.

China reclaims dimensions of reproduction course of study already very big, downstream application is rich, technology of a lot of domains is banner. Our country is plastic reclaim processing has two kinds of cases: One kind is located in world advanced level, one kind is small mill, best circumstance and the poorest condition coexist. Onefold dimension does not spend policy to be able to be solved this. Reclaim the industry is giant industry, how very good reclaim use need time and innovation. Right amount consumption is must, reclaiming is a link only. The change of the concept is wanting to consider to reclaim at zoology design, it is dweller classification not only, it is the change of whole society system.