S jack west: understand customers’ requirements Leading the industry development

S jack west has participated in the 2017 China international die casting conference and exhibition, show the world first class products and solutions.This is the first time jack west history as one of the world’s leading supplier of metal parts molding and surface treatment technology of norrath Ken group in the Asia one of the most influential event on die casting industry.During the exhibition, jack west to introduce clients to its strong innovation ability, the rich product line and perfect global support services, interpretation of the German high-end furnace supplier how to through the integration solution meet the constantly, changing customer demand.S jack west booth snaps as Ken group top west, senior vice President of Asia Pacific region as well as the history of jack Wei Baohua, President and chief operating officer Peter think Mr Larsen, attended the exhibition, this paper introduces the future strategic vision of the company to the customer, and on how to better serve the changing needs of customers the topics such as communication.During the three-day exhibition, light metal casting, automobile and other industries from around the world history of more than 200 professionals to visit the booth jack west.Jack west history of its various business experts on the company’s products has carried on the comprehensive introduction.At the same time, the Asian sales team to clients, professionals and other participants showed the company a wide range of product lines and solutions, and introduces the Westomat®Plus + and Schnorkle®The latest situation of the two models, as well as a variety of furnace used for furnace and quantitative & other;Renovation & throughout;The modernization of the solution.FactoryMax visited taicang factory.Mr SurapongTangtaratorn from left to right: property right person;General manager Mr WittayaTaweedech;S jack west SEA sales director Mr NoppakunManowat;The sales manager ChonlateeSaiyawong;Product manager Mr WissanupongTeabpo history jack west team debut at the 2017 China international die casting history jack west to attend the conference and exhibition exhibition BBS to share how to use modern melting efficiency technology during the show, the history of west also attended to be held during the same period in 2017 jack and special China nonferrous alloy casting development BBS.Asia operations and technical director Mr With industry experts to the general introduces the history of jack west unique smelting efficiency parameters, and discusses how to maximize the history of jack west furnace smelting efficiency, improve profitability.His speech, this paper introduces the key innovation can effectively improve the efficiency of smelting technology and a series of crucial for the furnace performance factors, won the audience’s warm response.With Mr Said: & other;We are always dedicated to the latest technology into our furnace design.As far as we know, since a recent furnace upgrade design, customer factory in metal yield has reached 99.75%, energy consumption dropped to 489 kilowatt-hours per ton.Typically, StrikoMelter®Melting pot within a year and a half to recoup their investment, has immediate improvement on corporate profits.Throughout the &;History of taicang factory tour won widespread praise jack west also took advantage of the opportunity to organize customer visit its production base located in taicang, jiangsu province, the company experts to introduce the customer to company main product Westomat®, StrikoMelter®And PowerMelter®Furnace technologies such as information, and answer for the customer.Into the Chinese market since 2008, jack west won a series of achievements in China, its taicang factory capacity up to 170 million yuan, it confirm the commitment of a company for the Chinese market remains the same.Customers have said, jack west beyond trade growth, not only is China foundry industry is moving towards a higher level.(the history of the original title: jack: understand customer needs, leading the industry development) (source: history of jack west)