Sandvik coromant come up with a new material cutting blade

Cutting tools and tool system experts sandvik coromant launched two new cutting blade material.GC2220 specially used for the cutting of the stainless steel material, GC4335 under unstable conditions or vibration problems of steel cutting and optimization design of the two kinds of new material can provide higher efficiency and longer tool life and higher utilization rate of machine tools.
& have spent& diams;& have spentThe plastic deformation of the stainless steel cutting material GC2220
calmly & have spentCaption: GC2220 is a gradient CVD coating sintering cemented carbide, designed to stabilize the working conditions require a higher wear resistance semi-finishing to rough turning and optimization.
& have spentIn response to common challenges related to the turning of stainless steel workpiece, GC2220 optimized design, can provide higher ability to resist plastic deformation and the higher the edge line of security.When the cutting tool materials become soft, can produce plastic deformation, this is due to cutting temperature is too high.If a manufacturer due to plastic deformation and frequent replacement blades, the production efficiency and profitability will be discounted.
& have spentGC2220 booster pump and valve manufacturers to build the main advantage of production workshop, and will provide services in the aerospace, automotive and oil and gas in areas such as general machinery manufacturers provide great help.
& have spentGC2220 is a gradient CVD coating sintering cemented carbide, designed to stabilize the working conditions require a higher wear resistance semi-finishing to rough turning and optimization.Sandvik coromant Inveio™Coating layer to effectively control the alumina grain growth in one direction, thus providing a higher wear resistance and longer tool life.This advanced patent technology have hard and wear resistant of columnar MT – TiCN coating internal support.As additional advantages of longer tool life, production workshop also can reduce the cutting tool inventory.
& have spentOf austenitic stainless steel and duplex stainless steel parts (such as a pump body, shaft, shaft, seal, valve and flange) and\/or the cylindrical inner hole turning operation of manufacturers will benefit from this new material..Practice has proved GC2220 in processing other materials including martensitic stainless steel and low carbon steel also has the advantage.
& have spent& other;We suggest that according to the results of the practice, the customer should choose as far as possible big nose radius and always use a coolant to reduce the crater wear, groove wear and plastic deformation, & throughout;Sandvik coromant turning product manager Bimal Mazumdar, said & other;In addition, please be sure to choose special blade material for stainless steel application, in order to improve the tool life and the production efficiency.Throughout the &;
& have spentGC2220 also applied to CoroTurn®107 blade, designed for small or slender workpiece inner hole and cylindrical turning, CoroTurn®TR for cylindrical profiling, T – Max®P for ordinary cutting applications.
& have spent& diams;& have spentUsed for unstable conditions of steel cutting blade material GC4335
& have spentCaption: sandvik coromant brand new GC4335 blade material specially designed for challenging the turning process of
& have spentGC4335 adopted can achieve maximum thermal protection Inveio™Coating technology, compared with the last generation material, through improved line security provides greater steel cutting blade endurance, and greater resistance to the blade wear, plastic deformation and crater wear ability.Customers will benefit from the improved process, at the same time, also can reduce the risk of broken blade, reduce the cost and shorten the individual parts return on investment of time.
& have spentTurning the product manager Bimal Mazumdar, explains & other;New GC4335 especially suitable for uneven satin, due to fatigue and failure, may result in frequent change when performing a turning knife & throughout;.& other;Slow down the process to replace the broken blade means lower productivity.When slowing down of production, each parts machining cycle will be less, thus affecting the overall profitability.Throughout the &;
& have spentGC4335 launch will make including mechanical engineering, automotive OEM workshop and suppliers and subcontractors to benefit in the field of oil and gas.Typical parts including pipe, valve, crankshaft, differential shell, flanges and ring, to name a few.
& have spentIncluded in the deep reason behind GC4335 reliable toughness and resistance to plastic deformation ability realize perfect balance between the new substrate.In addition, as a new alumina thermal barrier coating can effectively transfer the heat of cutting area, and columnar MT – TiCN internal coating can also provide improved anti-wear material wear ability.After help to easily identify the wear yellow TiN coating on the surface of the knife.
& have spentIn order to highlight the potential benefits and the working condition of dry cutting saws GC4335 external face turning application is superior to the steel alloy (220 HB) competition in the blade, the former can deliver 3647 finished parts, while the latter is only 1980 (84%).The finishing process of cutting time for each part 2 seconds, the cutting speed of 145 m\/min (475 ft\/min), the feed rate is 0.4 mm\/rev (0.016 in\/rev), cutting depth of 0.35 mm (0.014 in).Equally significant benefits can also be by sandvik coromant on generation of the blade material GC4235 implementation.
& have spentGC4335 product category can be divided into T – Max®P and q CoroTurn®107.

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