Sandvik coromant next-generation rough boring cutter

Cutting tools and cutting tool system experts sandvik coromant has launched the next generation of rough boring tools, machining vibration can be overcome, optimization of process safety.These new CoroBore®Rough boring tool designed to overcome the vibration resulted from rough boring, chip breaker and processing challenges, such as security and offer higher productivity.
& have spentThe next generation of sandvik coromant rough boring cutter
& have spentThe new CoroBore®Rough boring tool designed for reliability and high processing safety, can provide machining can meet the requirements of the rough boring market leading solutions.For example, CoroBore®With Coromant Capto®And Coromant EH the combination of a modular system users in production with high flexibility, investment and inventory to provide added value by reducing the tools.Each solution for convenience, can alone or as part of a complete kit to use.
& have spentSandvik coromant can provide single blade, double or triple blade rough boring cutter.First of all, CoroBore BR20 is a two-edged rough boring cutter, it USES pitch to reduce vibration, which can make the tool in the longer overhanging and larger cut deep under the condition of use.In addition, the tool also features a built-in ladder boring, don’t need any extra knife pad.High precision coolant nozzle can handle up to 70 bar (1015 psi) cooling fluid pressure, thus help to clearance.
& have spentThe same cutting tool can adopt Silent Tools technology.When the long overhanging or need extra stability conditions, the vibration reduction version is a solution.It’s proved that the Silent Tools technology can provide increased the chance of cutting depth, while keeping the reliable processing.
& have spentFor users looking for back boring solutions, single blade CoroBore BR10 is the ideal choice.Based on CoroBore BR20 jaw and boring the slider back and cover design, it provides the reliable performance and high productivity.
& have spentAt the same time, sandvik coromant also provides with high removal rate of metal CoroBore BR30 three rough boring cutter blade.Because of its short form, high rigid design and pitch, low vibration boring process is achievable.Combining with the three blades design, can obtain the highest productivity.
& have spentThe new CoroBore®Rough boring cutter can be in ISO P (steel), M (stainless steel), K (cast iron), N (color), S (heat resistant super alloys and titanium) and ISO H (hardened steel) offers superior performance in the material.In order to support these high-performance cutting tools, sandvik coromant also launched a special rough boring blade series.CoroBore®111 4 cutting edge blade for rough boring application by the optimization of material selection, at the same time provide a good chip forming quality and increase the tool life.
& have spentIn application test, with the existing sandvik coromant DuoBore™Cutting tools, compared to when using CoroBore BR20 (with different pitch), overhanging can be increased by 30%.Use the same cutting parameters, DuoBore under the length of 260 mm (10.2 inch) is no longer valid, and CoroBore BR20 can reach 316 mm (12.4 inch), and shall not affect the surface quality at the same time.Test content in the main interface to the ISO 50 taper shank on the vertical milling machine of rough boring MC: P2.1. Z.A N alloy steel workpiece.
& have spentAs another successful cases, according to the customer case analysis: when using CoroBore BR20 rough boring MC on vertical machining center: P2.5. Z.H T connect rod (HB280-310), the knives’ service life can be increased by 75%.Will CoroBore BR20 combined with CoroBore 111 blade, can achieve a good surface quality and excellent chip breaker.In addition, at the same time, the customer can produce 700 parts, instead of only 400.
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& have spentSandvik coromant, founded in 1942, belong to the sandvik group, headquartered in Sweden sandvik d (Sandviken), base in Sweden’s (Gimo) has the world’s largest cemented carbide blade manufacturing plant.Sandvik coromant with more than 8000 employees worldwide, has representative offices in more than 130 countries and regions, in the Netherlands, the United States, Singapore and China has a distribution center.
& have spentSandvik coromant is the world’s largest metal cutting tool manufacturing and suppliers, more than 30000 kinds of products covering the turning, milling, hole processing, metal processing applications.Innovation has been into the DNA of our company, our r&d is twice the industry average, every year we will be in the form of CoroPak during the spring and autumn in more than 2000 new products to market.
& have spentSandvik coromant formally entered China in 1985, after more than 30 years of development, we have established a perfect marketing and service network across the country, is for the mechanical processing enterprises around the world to provide quality products and services.We built in langfang and Shanghai technology center, guangzhou, shenyang, wuhan and hangzhou has a training center.We have advanced equipment in langfang is standard and non-standard cutting tools manufacturer.

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