Save marine zoology environment to blend in global processing small plastic difficult problem

Instantly, small plastic had distributinged at global maritime space, it is international ocean ecology and environmental science consider to get heat and forward position. According to estimation, the marine rubbish of 80% above comes from land, among them plastic rubbish is as high as 80%95% , marine rubbish and ocean are small plastic had become issue of global ocean environment, of the PM2.5 in having ocean those who say is small plastic browbeating badly the health of marine zoology environment and mankind. To save marine zoology environment, we again flagrant also oneself apathetic, place oneself outside its.

Save marine zoology environment to blend in the whole world to administer small plastic difficult problem

The 8th arctic of our country inspects an activity: Investigation ocean is small plastic

On July 20, the 8th arctic and scientific expedition of our country will take science of snow dragon date to inspect a ship, from Shanghai polar inspect domestic base dock to set sail, head for arctic executive science to inspect the task. This is 935 inspect an activity importantly during, with Xue Long date boat is platform, develop arctic channel diversity of comprehensive investigation, marine biology, marine hydrology, marine chemistry, marine geology, ocean is small plastic investigate with the contaminant such as marine rubbish etc inspect the job, in the Bering Sea, Chu Keji channel of the sea, boreal Europe sea, northwest is mixed the key maritime space such as arctic high latitudinal sea area begins business to turn investigation.

This second arctic makes an on-the-spot investigation scientificly is our country carries out arctic business to change observation job first. The content of observation includes small plastic, acidification, it is the item that adds observation first, future still will build long-term observation to carry chain, develop a system, comprehensive, successive, the construction of standardization, the long-term business that drives arctic environment changes observation and construction job, it is to inspecting frequency arcticly to also will shorten annual, accelerate Chinese arctic to inspect development facilities to catch up with the pace of the world.

What this second arctic inspects an our country is small plastic monitor extend to inferior arctic and Arctic ocean region, advanced our country ocean small plastic monitor blend in global ocean plastic rubbish is monitored and international is administered.

Our country first will marine small plastic monitor extend to ocean domain

Local time on September 2, division of 45 the number of voyages or flights takes an examination of Chinese ocean the team is in east Pacific Ocean maritime space begins dragnet sampling operation, burgeoning to ocean contaminant is minute plastic undertake monitoring.

Since 2016, our country begins to be opposite coastal waters is small plastic undertake monitoring. This year, our country first will marine small plastic monitor extend to ocean domain, this exercise also is our country is in first east Pacific Ocean maritime space gets marine small plastic sample. This effectively promoted our country the international consequence in marine rubbish and small plastic domain.

Our country investigates sea area of northwest Pacific Ocean first small plastic circumstance

Come to solve our country coastal waters the small plastic distributinging feature of area of northwest Pacific Ocean, and the Kuroshio influence to small plastic transmission, the first marine institute uses national ocean bureau exposed to the sun is red 18 boats came on September 25 on October 12, carry out small plastic special subject to investigate the number of voyages or flights in maritime space of northwest Pacific Ocean first.

Method of this investigation of the number of voyages or flights includes water of dragnet of water of sampling of boat ADCP, CTD, surface layer, surface layer to walk along boat sampling to wait, the contaminant in carrying atmosphere grain matter at the same time distributings, the research such as microbial diversity research, the skill data of small plastic distributinging circumstance in taking the lead in obtaining this area ocean environment, understanding is circumfluent small to ocean plastic the influence that distributing, be helpful for evaluating small plastic wait to environmental influence and zoology effect, in international for our country problem of small plastic pollution handles the active advantageous position on and speech authority to offer research foundation and technology to prop up.

Save marine zoology environment to blend in the whole world to administer small plastic difficult problem

The European Union will cast 550 million euro to administer ocean

On October 5, european Union diplomacy and safe policy are high announce on the 4th when hold in Malta on behalf of Mogailini our marine international conference, the European Union exceeds investment 550 million euro, take 36 actions, make ocean more healthy, cleaner, safer.

Mogailini expresses, in recent years, ocean is more and more insalubrious, to 2050, the plastic likelihood in ocean is more than fish, we are thrown into the bane of sea mile to be able to return table to go up, hide in the food that we eat. In the meantime, ocean is more and more insecure also, the soup frequency such as hurricane is sent, sea level rises force millions person to leave home.

36 adopted actions involve economy of maritime safety, marine pollution, blue, climate to change, ocean is protected and can last fishery 6 respects. Among them, 37.5 million euro will be used at hitting African southeast ministry foreland pirate. Additional, the European Union still will be in in all European Unions falling into disuse to build stage by stage before the bottom 2017, water the cup of one-time plastic water on machine, automat and conference.

Dai Er solves problem of marine and plastic pollution from fountainhead

To reduce plastic pollution, the company that wear Er established a new project, the plastic products that will flow into ocean possibly to cause pollution originally reclaims, make a product pack. Current, the company is in Haitian collect Hdpe, for its Xps132-in-1 computer makes the new tray that pack.

Plastic rubbish is in before entering ocean, be reclaimed, treatment, mix with the Hdpe after other spending next, make the plastic tray of 72 grams, in lading when use at placing computer.

Suffer harsh environment effect, these plastic function had degraded somewhat, dai Er general 25% those who reclaim is plastic after be being consumed with 75% standards plastic mix together, will make tray. The respect that wear Er expresses, this project will collect 16 thousand pound from inside the environment plastic, revealed ocean plastic in also can applying at global business.

Ocean of Ford have sth in mind is plastic rubbish

20 time have the century on, ford devotes oneself to biology material, henry Ford used wheat straw at that time. Go up century 40 time, ford uses soja, hempen etc again natural material, make its plastic.

Personnel of Ford research and development expresses, the company is using live thing plastic, can pay close attention to the plastic waste inside ocean. Ford researcher expresses: The litter inside ocean also is one big question, we should collect the plastic litter inside ocean.

Kiziltas expresses: Ford and engineer, researcher, supplier seeks a solution jointly, the company puts attention inside ocean, can future use the plastic waste inside ocean make car component?

Author epilogue:

2015, the 2nd big scientific question that small plastic pollution is included environment and zoology science to research a field. Current, annual and plastic crop already exceeded the whole world 300 million tons, a large number of plastic rubbish enter ocean through a variety of ways, final with small in ocean of plastic formal consist in, small to ocean plastic processing already no time to delay.

Will look according to current condition, china has extended antenna to arctic area and ocean maritime space, undertake investigate and be administeringed to its. And Europe also exceeds investment 550 million euro, adopt 36 actions to administer ocean. Relevant enterprise also has begun to begin the precaution of marine and plastic rubbish and processing, believe, unity is strength, can return surely we a La Hai.