Say CIMT2017 measuring instrument products on display

Compared with previous, CIMT2017 exhibition comes as China’s machine tool equipment manufacturing industry has experienced a painful changes and difficulties: unsalable losses, YaChan attrition;Transformation and upgrading, innovative development, gradually out of the dilemma.With the aid of & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;, & otherInternet + & throughout;And “made in China 2025” dongfeng, industry to speed up the recovery, transform and upgrade enterprise, narrow the quality gap with advanced countries, is imperative.Figure 1 xi ‘an jiaotong university digital measurement and quality management system & other;The measurement and quality control system based on Internet of things throughout the &;(figure 1) the development and application of the promotion, embodies the networked intelligent precision measuring technology and measuring instrument in our country, the importance and urgency in the process of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.The show Zeiss slogan: quality network & ndash;& ndash;Due to all the real data, which indicates that accurate measurement is the precondition and foundation of quality assurance;Sanfeng’s & other;Measurlink”Measurement data network system, which indicates that measurement can be incorporated into the overall quality of the whole manufacturing process management concept;North of a machine tool production and processing remote monitoring and fault diagnosis are introduced and the feedback control of closed loop manufacturing system, convincing the realization of the automatic unmanned workshop no longer distant;Xi ‘an jiaotong university based on Internet of things & other;Digital detection and quality management system throughout the &;EQCs, is a collection of product testing process, testing process and quality control in the integration of digital solutions.The current manufacturing quality has been promoted to national strategy, quality, efficiency and brand, is closely linked.Trust & other;Throughout China speed &;To & other;The Chinese quality & throughout;The shift is just around the corner.1.Robot into measurement, leading the direction of intelligent system & other;Workshop flexible intelligent automation measurement unit & throughout;, with the aid of flexible robot, in general three coordinate measuring machine, precision of shape workpiece with different size, different measurement task.Robots are integrated into the integration in the process of the measurement.Figure 2, the sea, the workshop of intelligent processing measurement automation solution Zeiss, sea, kang, sanfeng exhibited manufacturer & other;Intelligent automation processing workshop measurement scheme & throughout;(figure 2), causing a lot of attention.It is worth noting that xi ‘an Rio DE exhibition & other;Workshop automation intelligent measurement system & throughout;Three coordinate measuring machine, the host precision and intelligent measurement and control software robots, are all developed with independent intellectual property rights, is not easy!Xian (figure 3) figure 3 force, independent research and development of plant automation intelligent measurement system of the Bronx Kang Jieshao intelligent automation solution, focusing on improving quality, increase efficiency.Adopted the testing process automation, network data transmission and processing of analysis and diagnosis, feedback closed-loop correction compensation and other advanced technology, the nc machine tool\/the hard and software of flexible manufacturing system and other manufacturing equipment, and the workshop type measuring machine, the machine\/online measuring instrument, measuring sensor hard software of knife tester and testing instruments, such as robot workshop production operation management and other hard software integration, building into a local Internet of things based on workshop automation intelligent processing detection, automatic programming, automatic identification of parts, automatic up-down material, automatic alignment processing origin, automatic detection and correction tool parameters, automatic processing, automatic inspecting, real-time statistical analysis evaluation and fault diagnosis, automatic closed-loop correction archive and other automation intelligent compensation processing and automatic alarm function.Rainie salt company exhibited a workshop nc machine tool automatic & other;Cutting tool intelligent detecting compensating system & throughout;, it is a very good application examples.2.Gear measuring product, innovation on the show a lot of new gear instrument.Changsha hard ha exhibited quantity of spiral bevel gear tooth surface machining cutter detector and spiral bevel gear measurement center, marks our country in the field of spiral bevel gear manufacturing complete sets of technology and equipment, has risen to a new level.Harbin fine up to a new generation of gear meshing tester, eliminates the standard gear radial runout effect for the measured results.The patent has solved the key technique of this kind of instrument;Measuring instrument, gearbox transmission chain for robot joints RV and other gear transmission error, return clearance error and the measurement of dynamic transmission error under different load.Harbin wisdom of gear measurement center of 3 d digital raster scan probe, for its own development, high precision of reliability;Independent development of specialized software, realize the precise measurement of the five key components of the RV.Baoji and Qingdao sea billiton wide ring machine tool precision instrument plane two package measuring center, jointly developed by the planar quadratic enveloping ring surface worm can be detected\/worm gear hob, double lead worm\/worm wheel hob and gear cutting tools and complex parts.A new venture Harbin bo science and technology products are: series of CFX high-end intelligent gear online separator and CS series online intelligent (internal and external) double meshing gear comprehensive measuring instrument.Harbin gold and precision instrument research and development of G series adopts the high precision of gear measurement center loop guide rail, DDR direct drive motor spindle drive systems, DDL system driven by linear motor straight axis and a new generation of numerical control system, improves performance.3.Laser interference measurement technology and products and rapid development, encouraging the chengdu tool research in national 04 special support, developed the 6 d measurement system prototype (figure 4).On the three coordinate nc machine tool can be measured more than 20 items of error parameters.The prototype by the laser, interference mirror group, 6 d measuring head, wireless transmitting and receiving devices, wavelength compensator and computer, etc.Project has been through the national acceptance testing.Figure 4 6 d laser measurement system prototype over 30 years of scientific research, tsinghua university & other;Laser in the orthogonal polarization phenomenon and on the basis of the laser and precision measuring instruments & throughout;, patent authorization Beijing laser technology, the product has a double-frequency laser interferometer and laser feedback interferometer, phase delay measurement instrument, laser nano measuring scale, etc.Rapidly in a short time to realize the industrialization of laser interferometer SJ6000 laser interferometer is on display at the center of shenzhen, is a very impressive.Shows the prototype in 2015, two years later to realize batch production, the laser interferometer to sell 60 sets of technical indicators and foreign similar products can compete.Qingdao outpost with double-frequency laser interferometer and straightness\/flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism and other special laser measuring system.4.All kinds of advanced measurement technology and products, highly attention from all walks of life concerned about the aircraft engine manufacturing in our country, promote the development of related measurement technology and instruments.Windsor exhibited non-contact worm gear blade measuring instrument.It is worth mentioning that avic precision (303) by the three coordinate measuring machine for measuring the integral impeller, sign it has developed the corresponding measure hard software package ability and level.Rainie salt programming in the three coordinate measuring machine, rotary probe of the integral impeller contact\/non-contact precision measurement.Figure 5 303 measurement integral impeller demo sanfeng shows medium-sized covering parts for the auto industry, double Mapvision QualityGate – one hundred percent of the online monitoring system, it USES multiple cameras, each artifact on the production line reconstruction imaging, 3 d visualization for 100% 100% of the artifact detection feature points quickly and accurately measure.With the help of the robot can realize unmanned intelligent detection.ATOS and CREAFORM company new optical 3 d scanners have a demo at the scene.Quality, especially the edge quality of tools manufacturing and testing, is a matter of production efficiency and profits.Suzhou day for & other;Measurement of visual automation & throughout;As the direction, & other;For precision manufacturing industry automation and intelligent products and solutions & throughout;For the purpose, at the fair VMQ series flash image measuring instrument, can meet the quality and accuracy of small batch parts 100% testing needs.The key to accomplish complex measurement, to adapt to the CNC blade testing needs.Figure 6 days must VMQ flash image figure 7 omar wireless roughness measurement instrument in measuring, Qingdao outpost to keep pace with The Times, with the development of the Internet + pace, launched a new generation of wireless transmission electronic level.Green quantity 2 mm pitch electronic outside micrometer, which can realize fast measurement and protection level reaches IP65, resolution of 0.001 mm.Dujiangyan sun measuring tool on the new development of the wireless transmission of digital dial gauge, zhuhai yi letter batch production resolution of 0.01 & mu;M, 1 precision & mu;\/ m absolute type of grating sensor, make the person feel more peoples innovation vitality.Omar factory built-in wireless transmission of caliper, the absolute zero inductance measurement system;Accept rods can wireless connection at the same time 8 the caliper, 12 m in measuring range.New portable surface roughness measuring instrument MarSurf PS10, adopting the sliding contact pin type measure inductance probe, the probe tip 2 & mu;M, load about 0.7 mN, hidden inside the body can move roughness of standard sample, to detect 31 parameters, function similar to the laboratory instruments.5.The exhibition about it in the government and otherOne Belt And One Road & throughout;Guidance and & other;Double gen & throughout;Characteriscs of CIMT2017 exhibition coincides with the economic recovery, exhibitors and audience participation enthusiasm, shows the latest achievements in measurement field, present a new vitality.Measuring instrument industry, continuous emergence and growth of small and medium-sized private enterprises developed force to be reckoned with.To ensure the accuracy of manufacturing quality information data, it is the measuring technology and measuring instrument manufacturing the foundation of survival and development.Intelligent quality measurement control system based on Internet of things, is the only way for the development of manufacturing industry.(the original title: CIMT2017 exhibits reviews) measuring instrument (source: China machine tool industry association)