Sharp families at 2017 machine tools exhibition in Russia

Moscow time on May 15, 10 o ‘clock in the morning, one of Europe’s top ten industrial exhibition of 2017 Russian international machine tool exhibition opening, from Russia, the United States, Germany, France, Britain and other 26 countries and regions of 1005 exhibitors, including nearly 100 Chinese exhibitors.
Russian international machine tool exhibition every year, compared with previous years, this year’s China show the difference between window: AD hoc China machine tool pavilion, the entire Expocentre in Moscow exhibition center set for China pavilion pavilion, 4 for Chinese enterprises to set up the booth.Including Wu Hanrui fiber laser technology co., LTD. Booth at 4 pavilion B4 booths.
sharp families at 2017 Russian machine tools exhibition
as China’s first specialized in high power fiber laser and core components research and development and large-scale production enterprises, at the scene of the sharp division booth, popular sentiment, a steady stream of advisory clients, once again proved that the sharp of the strength and depth of our clients.During the exhibition, the sharp of the staff through the negotiation, equipment exhibition, met a lot of new customers and friends, represented by sharp division of laser products made in China by overseas enterprises.
sharp division since its inception in 2007, always regards the development of overseas markets, entering the Russian market, brand and quality to win the trust and loyalty by local customers and enterprises, this exhibition made sharp can show more European customers from China’s manufacturing capability, as well as the Russian local customers with high quality service and negotiate face to face.As
& other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;National strategy to accelerate, laser companies bring to China with a rare historic opportunity, have more opportunities to realize the leap type development of their own.Wu Hanrui secco laser will also speed up & other;Go out & throughout;To provide customers around the world more & other;Pure & throughout;& other;Wisdom & throughout;The laser products.
2017 during the 10th anniversary of sharp division, sharp ten years brilliant not only to celebrate, to share more in the future smart!In the future, let us forge ahead hand in hand together to meet more brilliant bloom.
(the original title: sharp division at machine tools exhibition 2017 Russia) (source: Wu Hanrui division fiber laser technology co., LTD.),