Shenyang machine tool appearance CIMT2017 intelligent plant solution by audience acclaim

On April 17, the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) held in Beijing China international exhibition center (new).As the world’s machine tool industry’s most influential one of the four international famous exhibition, the exhibition from 28 countries and regions, more than 1600 machine tool industry manufacturers to sign up.Shenyang machine tool group & other;Shared Moment (Moment sharing) & throughout;As the theme, show the i5 intelligent products, ASCA brand products, KJ brand products, CY brand products and flexible production line automation, networking isesol platform of three smart factory, online customization experience, U2U sharing mode, the product whole life cycle of a new industrial service mode.Shenyang machine tool group chairman GuanXiYou do i5 intelligent manufacturing and Shared economic new theme speech this exhibition, shenyang machine tool exhibited i5 intelligent machine: 6 sets i5M1. 4 smart vertical machining center, i5M4. 5 smart vertical machining center, i5M8 ZhiNengDuo axis vertical machining center 2 units, i5T3. 3 intelligent horizontal turning center, i5T5. 2 intelligent horizontal turning center, are gathered industry demand, with international standards of products, with new technology, new concept, new services, new model, shows the Shared economy era, the further integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, shenyang machine tool to share ways to reshape business model.The exhibition, shenyang machine tool will show with key customers to build intelligent plant solutions, in addition to the six i5 intelligent machine connected to the site all master screen, the audience can also timely on-line nc machine tools industry park is located in shenyang machine tool group intelligent factory, located in hubei shiyan SAN wei until smart factories, factory located in jiangsu yancheng gen of intelligence, mobile Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data such as a new generation of information technology in the integrated application of intelligent factory.2017 cimt shenyang machine tool exhibition booth in the exhibition site experience area, the audience can instantly share iSESOL cloud platform online customization, enjoy the new experience of the cloud era.The iSESOL can also according to the requirements of the audience orders, according to the production enterprise’s production capacity, design ability, idle equipment, the efficiency advantage by choosing the best production enterprises, comprehensive standards, such as matching are Shared orders and other cloud services.From machine tools to factories, from the factory to the ecological intelligent manufacturing sharing, iSESOL let smart factory, for different customers, forms the enterprise chain, industry chain, promote industrial upgrading of the industry and even the whole area.Over the years, shenyang machine tool group adhere to independent innovation, economic scale by the global machine tool industry in 2002 ranked 36th first jumped to 2011, is still one of the world’s machine tool industry.Shenyang machine tool group now has China shenyang, kunming and Arthur, ray, the three big industry cluster in Germany.Establishing control technology research and development center in Shanghai, in Berlin, Germany, Stuttgart with nc machine tool structure design center, the formation of trans-regional and transnational operation of new layout.Shenyang machine tool (the original title: 2017 cimt show booth led spotlight) (source: People’s Daily online)