Shenyang machine tool group to undertake “super mechanic” TV series

On September 20, 21, 2017, & other;The mechanic & throughout;In 2017, shenyang TV skills series CNC lathe, machining center operator preliminary contest held in shenyang machine tool group.From all enterprises and units of the shenyang more than 400 people signed up for the game, after theoretical examination and preliminary screening of a total of 120 players into the qualifiers.Shenyang machine tool group has 34 people in CNC lathe work, 28 people in machining center operator.& other;The mechanic & throughout;Shenyang TV skills contest in 2017 by shenyang municipal federation of trade unions, human resources and social security bureau in shenyang, shenyang station launched, undertake by shenyang machine tool group.The competition in order to promote the revitalization of shenyang development, transformation and upgrading of enterprises, creating international business environment as the goal, strive to foster a batch of & other;Shengjing big craftsmen & throughout;, encourage more outstanding technicians to stand out and become broad worker learning model, in order to promote the whole city worker skill levels and overall improve professional quality, promote the development of shenyang old industrial base in northeast make greater contributions.Shenyang machine tool group attaches great importance to the game.Group co., LTD. Was set up by the group company trade union chairman xin jia as commander in chief competition directorate and comprehensive guidance, and consists of nine teams, ensure the operation of the safety, high quality and effective promotion.The competition, shenyang machine tool group, offers 16 i5 intelligent lathes and 16 sets i5M4. 2 intelligent processing center and 400 sets of game with blank.At the same time, during the two days of competition, shenyang machine tool with a total of nearly hundred people in the room to register at players to provide medical care, security, and other services.In the game, banners, banners, set the field guide sign, game machine, roll, drinking water, medical services such as logo, all reflect the host’s nuanced.Complete organization process and schedule, let players quickly into form.This game, machining center operator and CNC lathe work there are 60 people respectively divided into four groups to participate in the preliminary contest, each type of work before six in the final.On September 22, preliminaries, the company has six employees into the finals, Zhang Hanying, angel lee, AnChengLin machining center operator finals, Jiang Haipeng, Han Yi, tolio in CNC lathe work finals.It is understood that the final will be on September 25, and held on September 29.(the original title: shenyang machine tool group to undertake & other;The mechanic & throughout;TV series to begin) (source: northeast news)