Shenyang machine tool machining center is in 5 axes bear the palm of the 7th meeting that make gain

On September 4 at Shenyang, during exposition of manufacturing industry of equipment of the 7th China International, the GMC2050u bridge-type of group of Shenyang machine tool 5 axes machining center, Dalian is maritime the university is three-dimensional the surface detects 20 ginseng such as robot system exhibit item on display to win commendation.

It is reported, current the limits of activity of decide on awards through discussion of the meeting that make gain includes machine of machine tool, project, automation and control 3 kinds of big item on display, and the organization that exhibits meeting site and item on display are decorated etc, set gold prize, silver-colored award, copper award and outstanding organization respectively award, optimal reveal award, successive attend 7 meetings that make gain to exhibit business to commemorate award is waited a moment. In the meantime, the basis refers the real case that extends a product, set special award. Via check of expert spot careful, evaluate expert group to collective is discussed and be chosen, share 20 ginseng finally to exhibit bear the palm of item on display.