Siasun robot: the industrial ecological construction

Shanghai international robot exhibition CiROS2017 & amp;SIAS hits, the exhibition siasun robot as a domestic robot leading enterprises, with beautiful image with a new dress for new products, the exhibition has three big window brilliant: innovation of industrial robot applications, a new generation of excellent human-machine collaborative robot and intelligent service robot quality experience.Siasun Robot&Automation Co., Ltd President dao-kui qu Siasun Robot&Automation Co., Ltd dao-kui qu, President of this reporter interview the Siasun robot is presented in the paper the three major characteristics of the products: security, collaboration, composite.Traditional security is completely against the traditional robots, robot generally need to be kept in a cage, with isolation and other equipment, but now in developing robots, with people to collaborate to communion, so safety is first.Siasun introduced a lightweight security for this robot, and can cooperate with others.Because of the security as the prerequisite, the robot need to collaborate cooperation communion and other equipment, this is the new development direction of robot, so now known as a collaborative robot.Composite robot is the mobile robots and machine composite together better, realize the function of the robot to move and work, the mobile robot can’t homework, homework will not be able to move, the trouble now need to solve through the composite technology, make the robots like people, can not only action, have arms again at the same time be able to work.In addition, the song always also particularly introduces the features of service robots, in manufacturing, in the service sector like restaurants, Banks, manufacturers and supermarkets offer a variety of service robots.There is no doubt that service robot, is also the first to meet the key characteristics of security, collaboration, secondly to intelligent, or want to contact with people, to work with the environment for communion, cannot be reached.This is the robot in a large advancement of the technology.With the advancement of industrialization siasun robot, the robot more civilian products have entered our lives, tea to send water, sent to welcome, welcome, these seemingly can be done by people gradually replaced by the intelligent service robot.This exhibition site siasun company to build the first domestic robot upcoming theme cafe, the cafe is composed of several types of robot, including 4 kg industrial robots can replace the bartender work, yingbin doorman work instead of waiters and pinecone series intelligent service robot, and other products, siasun robot theme cafe appearance become the CiROS2017 & amp;SIAS exhibition new luminescent spot.In the “made in China 2025” strategic planning, implementation of the process siasun robot combining “2020 robot development planning” positive innovation, many technology products to market the beat is far in excess of the planning process.Song always delighted to say, & other;Planning to launch in 2020 of collaborative robot, composite robots and some safety class of robot, for siasun, begin to market in the days ahead.Siasun already walk in front of the overall planning, because planning is aimed at China’s robot overall average.Siasun as a domestic leading enterprise, a lot of innovative technologies and products already ahead of the planning and development speed.Throughout the &;Now, in the development of artificial intelligence and big data driven, siasun robot actively meet the challenge of the robot is 2.0 times, the big data, industrial cloud, artificial intelligence, the new technology industrial interconnection with various perceptual system, and the robot platform together.With traditional robot more emphasis on the function of the machine itself or performance, compared to a new generation of robots are robots more emphasis on the development of intelligence, perception of sensing and data made.To this end, siasun in artificial intelligence, perception system, large data set up the new r&d team to keep up with the pace.Song always pointed out that the future of robots mainly divided into two parts: one is the robot’s ontology, the ontology research more reflect the ascent of the robot on the flexible operation ability;Another aspect is the intelligence of robots, including artificial intelligence, and a variety of perception system, including the use of big data, the robot has large span in intelligence.These two aspects together to form a new generation of robots, siasun with ontology robot and design of artificial intelligence research and development of the two teams to promote the future development of a new generation of robots.Therefore, siasun robot is gradually by the past the traditional company concept gradually began to a company development platform, ecological comprehensive building of a new industry.Always said, here including innovation and overseas research and development center of offshore platform, and an industry platform, is to use robots to produce a robot, so it is easy to form a long distance to expand its production quickly.On the other hand, siasun now is building a financial platform, through a fund, investment, mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions to achieve industrial expansion.In addition, there is an education platform, siasun special institute founded China’s first robot, acquired a German vocational college, sino-german education group is established in China, so down, siasun now actually has established a new industry platform, integrates research and development innovation, industrial manufacturing, finance, and – talent education and other factors.& other;So, the future development of siasun is completely in accordance with the ecological pattern in the development of a new industry, rather than simply the concept of a manufacturing company.Throughout the &;Song said.(the original title: industry ecological construction through) (source: MM “modern manufacturing”)