Skill saves diver of chelonian card larynx to be dragged from inside the mouth 20 centimeters long plastic

Does environmental pollution have to marine biologic influence how old? Heart of instructor Sa Yi pulls university of British Bern Mao Si the come across that rare heart dives in the Red Sea can tell you.

According to introducing, sayide dived in the Red Sea that day when, discover two turtle chelonian is eating jellyfish, he is stood by then among them a female chelonian took a few pieces of pictures that it eats. Back-to-back his discovery because this chelonian is plastic block throat to bring about cannot take food and very painful, then he takes action instantly, helped it be dragged from inside the mouth those who be as long as 8 inches to grow is plastic.

In him will plastic pull out after coming, this chelonian tries to eat another polybag that float and passes again, he hastens put away quickly the chelonian that that polybag makes this empty stomach rumbles can forage normally.