Strange Xia Mier of Swiss GF A carries 10 machine tools luxuriant appear on CIMT2013

In current CIMT, GF A strange Xia Mier will carry 10 machine tools luxuriant appear, among them 5 machine tools are those who be in China appear first, can says Switzerland is inspected of banner technology in the round. These 5 machine tools are MIKRON HPM 450U respectively 5 axes linkage is high-powered 5 axes of milling machining center, MIKRON HEM 500U are efficient machine of alveolus of machine tool of figuration of electric spark of rigid numerical control of vertical machining center, FORM20, DRILL 300, and machine tool of LASER1200 laser beam machining. MIKRON HPM 450U applies to pair of quality, crop and complexity to have extremely high demand, produce requirement economy, accurate client to workpiece. The circumgyrate that its stabilize structure and direct drive / swing any craft that the axis makes its can be used at the rough machining from ponderosity to be machined to accurate polish. MIKRON HEM 500U is Ajixiamier is only onefold or the 5 axes that the standardization of spare parts of small lot precision is produced and design are efficient vertical machining center. It uses structure of type of ram of be born lathe bed, 3 linear axes are by cutting tool mobile implementation is ensured thereby high dynamic performance and treatment precision. FORM20 is a machine tool that has tall versatility and tall sex price to compare, suit most mould job shops very much. It assembled power source of machine tool of high end of Er of rice of GF A strange summer, this is the world’s most advanced pulse power source, quality of give attention to two or morethings and efficiency, reduced electrode loss substantially. DRILL 300 uses structure of compact unifinication machine tool, discharge unit, electric interpose fluid is unit, athletic unit is compositive an organic whole, a variety of automation program and add axis options can offer an alternative, but treatment of much axis linkage. Word of rice Er total number controls the GF A Jixia that it deploys pulse power source, special development gives the technology that suits alveolus treatment, have very tall treatment efficiency, electrode loss is very small have degenerative layer hardly. Machine tool of LASER1200 laser beam machining used technology of Laser1200 laser ablation. With use etch the photograph of traditional finishing technology of craft is compared, this technology offerred economy, zoology and the advantage that design a respect, can make the product that gives rich individual character.