Strength to conquer the customer Today sign the big standard and some automobile fitting enterprise

Recently, the guangdong some auto parts production enterprises and shenzhen today standard precision machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Today throughout the standard &;)Again, ordered 43 single, double spindle of CNC, and after orders for the other two contracts signed, since 2011 the company signed with today’s standard 86 Taiwan CNC heart machine procurement contracts.According to understand, shenzhen today standard precision machinery co., LTD., founded in 2002, after ten years of hard work, innovation, has now developed into a heart type CNC lathe production research and development in the integration of professional machine tool manufacturing service providers.Today’s standard has always emphasized in the field of go heart type nc machine tool precision manufacturing, to provide mechanical processing industry of high precision, high efficiency, easy to maintain professional CNC heart type lathe.Go all of today’s standard production and car milling compound center is the trump card of the company, the main parts of these high quality machine adopts Germany, Japan, Taiwan imported components, machine tool castings are through two aging treatment, in the field processing, with an excellent performance.Company products are widely used in aviation, spaceflight, war industry, automobile, motorcycle, communication, refrigeration, optics, electrical home appliances, micro electronics, electronics, watches and clocks, and other industries of all kinds of high precision, batch, more complex shape of the disc set affects the precision of composite processing of shaft parts, and is popular among the masses of customers.And with the cooperation of some auto parts enterprise is domestic sensor manufacturer and solution provider, the most complete product line power to be reckoned with.The ultrasonic sensor, flow sensor, sound devices and ultrasonic transducer series is a market leader.Today’s standards and auto parts enterprises cooperation began in 2011, the company has three times to today’s standard bought 86 different specifications and types of machine tools, especially this year on September 6, because business grows need, some automobile fitting enterprise again ordered 43 digit-controlled lathe to today’s standards, is the largest single since six years cooperation.Including model for TCKZ – 20 c0, TCKZ – 20 c4 single axis nc go trying and TCNZ – 20 d, TCNZ – 26 d, three types of double spindle TCNZ – 32 d CNC go trying, all is the star of today’s standard products.For journalists, however, is so close cooperation between the two sides is not the beginning, more reason is that in the six years of cooperation, today’s standard high quality products and excellent technical services has won the acceptance of some automobile fitting enterprise.Standard of general manager Mr Stanley today still remember the day on January 12, 2011, he and the then marketing director Yang Qing traveled far in the conference room has hosted visiting some automobile fitting enterprise general manager Bryan and Chen Yuhua purchasing director.Through in-depth communication and discussion, both sides have reached a preliminary cooperation intention.On that occasion, some automobile enterprise to today’s standard purchase 8 computer numerical control go, small number, but this is the beginning of both sides.Two years later, in 2013 to May 8, some automobile fitting enterprise puts forward cooperation again, from today’s standard purchase a one-time walk more than 35 types of numerical control.It can be said that the two years, today’s standard products and services won the trust of some automobile fitting enterprise finally.As today’s standards, the sales manager said: & other;Before selling, we will be the first time received the customer’s drawings, tailored process scheme for the customer.We will according to the actual needs of customers, for customers recommend appropriate machine tool products, to the customer quote an accurate price.In sales, we will design a specific product for the customer the styles, solicit their opinions.For after sales, our company implements the after-sales through-train service, the company office staff will respond to the customer in the first time, can save a lot of problems for customers.Throughout the &;It is reported that so far, some automobile fitting enterprise use all the walk all kind of machine is for today’s standard products, a genuine loyal customers standard today.Believe in the future, today’s standard product will win more and more customers like some auto parts enterprise, national machine tool a shiny brand in China.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)