Taiyuan heavy industry group, 3.6 MW wind power growth gearbox successfully trial-produced

shanxi taiyuan heavy machinery group declared: a big Tang Hua hit a 3.6 MW wind power growth gearbox prototype research and development have been successfully trial-produced, and smoothly passed the user acceptance.After December 31, 2011, heavy group also harvest “big order”, 17, 3.6 MW \/ 60 hz wind power growth gearbox exports to America for the first time.

3.6 MW wind power growth with first-class planet + parallel shaft gear box structure, is a private enterprise of amphibious aircraft.In June 2010, it has the transmission characteristics of compact structure, reasonable structure, stable transmission, heavy 3.6 MW wind power growth gearbox experts and technical method was selected for the design and manufacture large Tang Hua create wind two prototype.In more than a year of research and development of design process, taiyuan heavy machinery group gradually achieve the optimization design and reliability of wind power gear box design.Gear box design to follow the latest GL wind power generator certification specification, material and heat treatment of gear strength, and precision gear quality control, etc. In accordance with the relevant ISO6336 and ISO1328 standards.The product 100% full power load test before delivery, the indicators meet the design requirements, excellent comprehensive performance, reached the international advanced level.