The development trend of numerical control lathe in our country is analysed

In the application of numerical control technology not only brings revolutionary change to traditional manufacturing, the manufacturing industry has become the symbol of industrialization, and with the continuous development of numerical control technology and application in the field of expansion, IT to the national economy and people’s livelihood some important industry (IT, automobile, light industry, medical, etc.) is playing a more and more important role in the development, because the digital equipment needed for the industry has been the trend of modern development.The current development trend of numerical control lathe to present the following.1 high-speed, high-speed melt high-accuracily, precision is the eternal goal of machine tool development.With the development of science and technology by leaps and bounds, mechanical and electronic products renewal speed, precision and surface quality of parts processing will become more and more demanding.2 high reliability, the reliability of nc machine tool is a key indicator of CNC machine tool product quality.Nc machine tool can exert its high performance, high precision and high efficiency, and obtain good benefit, the key depends on its reliability.3 CNC lathe design CAD, modular structure design with the popularity of computer application and the development of software technology, CAD technology has been widely developed.CAD not only can replace manual to complete the drawing tedious work, more important is to select the design scheme and the static and dynamic characteristics of the large machine analysis, calculation, prediction and optimization design of the machine’s working parts can be dynamic simulation.4 multiple functions, multiple functions is the purpose of further improve the production efficiency of machine tool used in the processing time to a minimum.Through composite function, can enlarge the using range of machine tools, improve efficiency, achieve multi-usage, one machine can, namely a numerical control lathes can not only realize turning function, can also realize the milling processing;Or can also realize in the predominantly milling machine tool grinding.5 intelligent, network, flexibility and integrated numerical control equipment of the 21st century will be a certain intelligent system.Intelligent content included in all aspects of the numerical control system: for the intelligent machining efficiency and machining quality aspects, such as adaptive control of machining process, process parameters automatically generated.