The division in the Lu Shanghua of spirit of craftsman of carry out travel takes advanced line all the time greatly

Recently, the CCTV that gets attention fully 8 part are large newsreel ” big country is heavy implement ” (the 2nd season) sow. The program made visit a sacred land is advocated and point to palpability greatly to Chinese industry development ” China is made ” the way that with Chinese substance economy grows, piece in all sorts of stirring power edge tool. Late on March 4, big country is heavy implement (the 2nd season) the 7th collect ” wisdom build a van ” in CCTV-2 finance and economics channel head is sowed, university of Hua Zhongke ability is subordinate China in industry of machine tool of delegate of numerical control Inc. declares his views in the program. High rate, high accuracy, intelligence is changed, had made the central point that global equipment manufacturing industry competes, the demand that controls a system to superprecision is rising quickly. However, equipment of numerical control of Chinese high end exceeds 80% to still count an import, the value of equipment of high-end numerical control that wants an import every year is as high as 3 billion yuan. China is mid burgeoning intelligence controls industrial group, also be one of base of research and development with the mainest system of Chinese numerical control. Here, china in numerical control is developing the numerical control system that China has superprecision the first times to control capacity. Professor of college of machinery of university of Hua Zhongke ability, China in Chen Jigong of numerical control president says: “Our target should break China to be in namely the passive situation of this domain. “Our target should break China to be in namely the passive situation of this domain.. “System of homebred numerical control experienced hard development level, repeatedly battle is defeated repeatedly, be defeated repeatedly repeatedly battle. Abroad blocks this kind to China limitation, we refuse to obey this tone. We refuse to obey this tone.. Exceeding rigid lens face to machine is the highest state that metallic cutting machines, cutting tool contact contacts the nick that the surface causes, be called surface roughness. Achieve in rotate speed of machine tool main shaft minutely below the 24000 freeboard speed that turn, control the surface roughness of the spare parts in 0. 02 micron are the following, this is hair silk diameter extremely one of, also be one of levels that superprecision system must reach. Cutting tool traversal speed from 0 rise quickly to every second 100 meters, the split second that cutting tool is cutting, moving acceleration achieved gravitational acceleration. This is equivalent to 5.6 seconds inside, the car from 0 carry fast to 200 kilometers. metallic workpiece outside treatment becomes lens area, exceed system of rigid numerical control to be able to be accomplished only. In how machining a process, real time monitoring adjusts the treatment precision of micron class, this is the core technology secret of production tycoon of western numerical control. China in the engineers of numerical control created a kind of distinctive method, come with chromatogram observation, use sensor to collect knife head data to convey computer, each of knife head petty wave motion, label with different color, can catch the error that catchs hard to naked eye. Use data to search machining error and undertake optimizing, this is an intelligence data collects analytic system actually.