The domestic first offshore lifting gear box successful commissioning

Sasac website news: recently, the China’s second heavy machinery group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese double) in the domestic first offshore lifting gear box and locking device worm gear reducer has carried on the test at the scene of the user.After the overload test, all the data fully meet the design requirements and load user demands, and through the scene of the ABS classification society certification.The success of the offshore platform lifting gear box load test, marked the second focuses on the important strategic field of Marine engineering equipment industry made substantial breakthrough.
according to introducing, the offshore lifting gear box that contains both parallel level gear, planetary gear and belongs to Marine oil self-elevating platform (Jack – up) transmission products, has been built for abroad, also belong to the scope of China’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry “twelfth five-year” plan, the product itself complicated structure, key parts accuracy requirement is high, the material is special, strict performance.The project since the order contracts to develop successful commissioning, nearly a year.In the process of development, China’s double established a special research and development team, around the gear box of the technical requirements for the technical preparation, according to the standard of ABS classification society for quality control at the same time, in the procurement, process preparation, processing and manufacturing, heat treatment control on key process through the ABS classification society certification.