The function of machining center and type

Foundation of machining center process designing

The treatment of the spare parts undertakes completely by the instruction.

Graph process of process designing of 1 machining center

The function of machining center and type

1. utility: Casing kind the treatment of spare parts and spare parts of complex curved surface.


2. function: Mill boring, auger, attack whorl to wait.


Because it is had,change knife function automatically, after workpiece holds clip, can be finished automatically or approach the work that finish each all treatment working procedure.


3. classification:


(1) can divide by configuration for:

1) vertical machining center

Motion of ① reference axis has two kinds of kind:

Box of main shaft of direction of shift of workbench of direction of A.X, Y, Z is mobile; Graph 2

B. Move: of pillar machining center? The motion of of ǎ of pool of ぷ Xiao ü , Y and Z direction is mixed by main shaft pillar shift of main shaft box will come true.

Graph sketch map of rod of movement of 2 vertical machining center

Exterior of machining center of graph 3 JCS-018A vertical pursues

2- changes the dc servo electromotor of 1-X axis box of main shaft of 5- of library of knife of disk type of 4- of ark of numerical control of knife manipulator 3-

Lathe bed of 10- of slide carriage of workbench 9- of 8- of ark of power source of drive of 7- of 6- operation face plate


② knife library: (graph 4) the knife library of vertical machining center has different form, the difference of cutting tool amount that the knife library of every kinds of form can accommodate is bigger, decided the size of machining center process capability on certain level.

Graph 4 knives library A B C D E F) library of disk type knife G H I J) chain knife library K) library of grid type knife


2) horizontal machining center

The knife library of ① horizontal machining center is chain structure commonly, knife library size is larger.

② application range is more wide, can machine screwy face, the complex part such as casing, for example the treatment of hydraulic turbine impeller.

Graph 5 horizontal machining center
Library of knife of 2- of head of 1- main shaft 3- pillar 4- pillar base 5- workbench 6- workbench base


3) establishs horizontal machining center

① establishs horizontal machining center — be use milling head stand lie changeover orgnaization implementation machines means to changeover machines means for horizontal or machine means changeover to machine means for vertical from horizontal from vertical.

② the treatment of this kind of machining center is applicable the range is more wide.

Graph 6 establish horizontal machining center signal of way of 5 axes movementA) main shaft can do 90 ° Rotate B) workbench takes workpiece to be able to do 90 ° to rotate

(2) presses functional classification:

Form of 1) main shaft: Main shaft having sheet, double main shaft or 3 main shaft;

2) workbench form: Odd workbench

Tray of 3) double workbench exchanges a system

Tray of 4) much workbench exchanges a system.

Form of 5) knife library: Library of circumgyrate type knife

Library of 6) chain knife

Composition: Face plate of the library of system of numerical control system, airframe, main shaft, feed, knife, orgnaization that change a knife, operation, tray exchanges a system (or workbench) with support systemEtc.