The industry industry such as the machine tool damages early-warning mechanism to build congress to be held in Beijing

   Recently, damage early-warning mechanism construction to perfect key industry industry further, sufficient play guild builds medium action in early-warning mechanism, to maintain competition ability of industry of industrial safety, promotion, industry of Department of Commerce damages investigation bureau to be held in Beijing ” key industry industry damages early-warning mechanism to build an informal discussion ” .   

    The conference was sure guild, chamber of commerce is in the main effect that in already building industry early-warning mechanism to build, produces, the duty in making clear guild, chamber of commerce and branch of local business affairs to be built in early-warning mechanism and working mode, and key guild developed disposition 2007 the industry damages early-warning mechanism to build the job, hope guild, chamber of commerce develops industry dominant position, advance our country industry to damage what early-warning mechanism builds comprehensive, development to begin jointly. The conference still discussed ” the opinion that damages early-warning mechanism about perfecting key industry industry further ” file and funds of industry early-warning mechanism supported plan 2007.  
Understood guild, chamber of commerce to begin a large number of works in early-warning mechanism construction from the meeting, at present partial industry already formed relatively perfect early-warning mechanism, the guild such as tool of car, steely, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, spin, machine tool and electronic information, through be opposite the industry is analysed with monitor, form industry early-warning to report regularly; Industry of content shedding, produce damages early-warning mechanism to will be started 2007; Medicine, mechanical, light industrial wait for guild to considering building industry of estate of one’s own profession to damage early-warning mechanism.