The location of loose riverside machine that make adds medium-sized equipment in series of MC of 5 axes vertical

Loose riverside machinery makes place (city of Japanese blessing well) in machining center of 5 axes vertical (MC) ” MAM72 ” in series, increase appeared on the market the new model that measure of the greatest work is diametical 420mm ” MAM72-42V ” . Main shaft rotate speed 10 thousand 2000rpm. Taking APC (automatic tray changes device) in type, through using Flip Arm means, narrowed equipment bulk. Tray changes time is 18 seconds. With old model, new model 4 axes and the high rotate speed that 5 axes reached 30rpm and 50rpm respectively, deployed resolution to amount to the high accuracy stage of 0.0001deg. In addition, still use the rigid structure that designs for 5 axes only, undertook optimizing to violating section, undertook optimizing to basic bridge-type structure, realized tall tigidity thereby, acceded the characteristic of MAM72 series. The fast feed speed of Z/Y/Z axis all is 50m/ minute, the biggest acceleration is 0.9G, 0.9G and 1.1G respectively. New model secures the APC door of stage and machining area through improving disjunctive work, narrowed cut bits to splash ejaculation dimensional limits. Cut bits for convenient processing, used dip angle to be 30 degrees Y axis guide bar, control deployed helix conveyor. This company will be in what ~ held 13 days at American Chicago on September 6, 2006 ” IMTS 2006 (international industry exhibition) ” and 1 ~ had 8 days at Tokyo in November bright the international exhibition center holds ” JIMTOF 2006 (machine tool of the 23rd Japan is exhibited) ” on showpiece 42V.