The Mid-Autumn festival people reunion in forging machine tool to wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival to the national people’s

Beaming with flowers, Mid-Autumn festival of reunion.The Mid-Autumn festival is a traditional Chinese festival, the moon satisfactory symbolize reunion, so also called & other;The mid autumn festival & throughout;.On the occasion of the arrival of the Mid-Autumn festival, hefei, forging machine tool co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Combined forging machine tool & throughout;)All staff to extend festival to the national people’s wishes and sincere greetings!At the same time, also sincerely thank the involution forging machine tool machine tool users along the support and affirmation.Alloy forging machine tool to the staff of the national people’s holiday wishes and sincere greetings from hefei DE metalforming machine tool co., LTD. Is located in hefei, wangjiang road, is a professional manufacturer focus on forging equipment development.In recent years, forging machine tool center on national revitalization and development of equipment manufacturing industry, speed up independent innovation, structural adjustment and technical innovation.Company on the basis of the traditional advantage of existing hydraulic press market, the development of intelligent composite, motors, hydraulic press, increasing investment and development efforts, and optimize the product structure, accelerate related species of upgrading.As elders in the machine tool industry, forging machine tools run in forging field more than ten years, always wholeheartedly service to every customer.In order to accelerate the development of green chemical industry in our country, and forging machine tool in the research and development production of new products, has always adhered to the strives for perfection, the principle of strict with every detail, every component is nearly perfect.The company independently developed series of H41 single-column straightening hydraulic installation, YH32 series four-column universal ruffled hydraulic press, hydraulic press, YH25 series door YH27 series single action hydraulic press for sheet stamping and other products to the market and favored by the masses of users and praise.Widely used in automobiles, ships, traffic, energy, light industry, household appliances, aerospace, military industry, petrochemical and other fields.Forging machine tool in the first three quarters of this year, with all staff on each post sweat forging machine tool, an intellectual force, both in product quality and sales set a new record.In the last quarter of 2017, and forging machine tool and the staff morale, to build a well-known brand in the field of national forging.Reviewing the past, look to the future.Nowadays, with advanced production equipment, strong technology force, rich production experience and strict quality management standards, and forging machine tool in the industry enjoy a certain visibility and reputation, market share among peer enterprises top.We believe that in the coming days, forging machine tool will further promote the process of the product level, win a wider market both at home and abroad, continuously create new splendor enterprise.Finally, in the Mid-Autumn festival approaching, or forging machine tool I wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival to the national people’s again!The domestic and international machine tool at the same time to thank and user support and trust of the company, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn festival, family reunion.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)