The modernization of course of study of Chinese machine tool chooses

Industry of machine tool tool is advanced not only the primary production shift of the carrier of production technology and mechanical equipment industry and cornerstone, what still matter to national economy progress and national defence career at the same time is strategical industry. As Chinese industrialized process accelerate, industry of tool of Chinese machine tool also got great progress, industry of tool of machine tool of preliminary and alive bound held position. One, modern level is insufficientThe the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences concerns the research positive result that level of Chinese industry modernization evaluates to make clear recently, the modern level of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool is equivalent to the 27.65 % of the developed country only. This task research is main from the overall efficiency of industry of machine tool tool, technology degree of advanced sex, internationalization, industry organizes the aspect such as rationalize degree, undertake be evaluatinged integratedly to the modern level of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool. specific target, in respect of efficiency of industry of machine tool tool, chose business income of average per capita to regard the basic opinion that measures manufacturing efficiency as index, in technology of machine tool tool advanced sex respect, chose R&d to throw intensity and crop numerical control to change rate regard basic evaluation as index; In field of level of internationalization of industry of machine tool tool, the proportion that chose exit to hold total output regards basic evaluation as index; Rationalize aspect is organized in industry of industry of machine tool tool, the crop that chose single company regards basic evaluation as index. In the meantime, still chose a few auxiliary index to have complement in evaluation. About the referenced value of main index, basically be a basis in recent years average level defines developed country of industry of machine tool tool. Through be opposite each index reference is worth modernization of industry of machine tool tool decide and the analysis of each Chinese index, according to formula of computation of aggregate index of level of modernization of industry of machine tool tool, we can be calculated the aggregate index that gives level of modernization of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool. Specific computation expresses place to show as follows as a result. In the watch we reflect the numerical value of real target, referenced index according to providing, and corresponding weight undertakes direct calculation, reach the index is the modernization of industry of machine tool tool of our country 27.65. Can see from inside the watch, industry of tool of our country machine tool in overall efficiency, technology respect of advanced sex, internationalization is returned with international advanced level exists bigger difference, be equivalent to international respectively the 6.2 % of advanced level, 32.8 % and 21.2 % . Accordingly, how does the main problem that place of industry of tool of prospective China machine tool faces realize this industry namely from industrialized phase to industrial modernization phase span. 2, demand directs + innovatesDemand directs is the guide that implementation of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool spans. The technology of industry of machine tool tool overtakes behavior also has very strong demand to guide tropism pledges, overtake from technology of Japanese machine tool industry experience will look, the competition ability difference of American enterprise and Japanese enterprise is not the difference that comes from the fundamental technology that uses at them, the business that reflected 2 markets however designs the difference of innovation respect in equipment of numerical control machine tool, and the demand structure difference that generation divergent reason is 2 markets, market demand of Japan is lead the main development direction of technology of enterprise general numerical control is mixed neatly to make certainly labor cost is managing, is not the accuracy that improves facility in that way like American enterprise is mixed repeat use sex, make oneself machine tool industry held due position on the world thereby. Additional, demand is oriented still behave in industry of machine tool tool and client interact and learn, actually, this among them accumulate the innovation method option that containing an enterprise to implement specific aim more. With respect to industry of tool of our country machine tool character, capture native land demand, innovate for the foundation with this, appear more objective with reality. Look from international experience, this kind interacts to be behaved not only supply in equipment square with demand square information communicates, and the associated research and development between the industry of machine tool tool that expresses higher now administrative levels and client, in fact, associated research and development has made a trend of activity of innovation of industry of machine tool tool. Germany ever had launched an extensive investigation that the name is Isi Manufacturing Innovation Survey in the light of activity of manufacturing industry innovation 1999, data shows, the machine tool enterprise of 52 % and client begin associated research and development. In light of the element that innovates from industry of machine tool tool, although be in respect of ability of research and development, our country enterprise is put in bigger difference with transnational corporation, but the respect waits to be put in the advantage however in development ability of the understanding degree to demand of native land market, market. Accordingly, our country enterprise chooses to go up in innovation strategy, should adopt it is oriented innovation strategy with demand, should make full use of the resource advantage of this respect, satisfy this locality requirement, increase technical supply capacity ceaselessly in the process that grasps market opportunity, promote the own innovation of industry of machine tool tool capability. In the meantime, those who be worth to emphasize is, innovate independently in promotion ability process while, need handles the relation of good transfer of technology and innovation. Own innovation itself is not meant do not need transfer of technology, should pass however introduce, the most advanced technology on integrated world, implementation innovates. For example, the exploration sex technology that Japan is introducing technical respect to pay attention to new to abroad development very much is introduced patently, need to undertake according to oneself next again research and development, apply in industrial production again finally, this is the key that Japan introduces a technology to gain a success. Additional, in 20 centuries 559 time, once also put forward in development of Japanese machine tool industry ” entrance of a machine, 2 machine are homebred ” catchword of transfer of technology. Actually, undertake innovating on the foundation that Japan introduces a technology in great quantities through be in namely, ceaseless development gives his technology. Additional, industry of tool of our country machine tool is on the key of innovation, still should achieve a breakthrough in the light of industrial core technology. Current, in development of estate of tool of our country machine tool, tool carrier of library of numerical control system, knife and manipulator, numerical control and revolving stage, main shaft is unit (the main shaft that contain report) , ball guide screw deputy with scroll slideway deputy, high speed defends and the crucial function component of the numerical control machine tool such as numerical control cutting tool still counts an import. In fact, the United States and Japan are on development of industry of tool of stimulative machine tool, adopted ” with the law hurried innovates ” , ” with policy hurried innovates ” practice, specific aim ground develops technical innovation, the breakthrough restricts the core technology bottleneck that the industry grows.