The steady rise of machine tool industry concentration Accelerate the conversion of power to the machine tool


2000, under the national policy to guide and support, the concentration degree of China’s machine tool industry to increase steadily, and market share have begun to gradually concentrated to a few advantages enterprises, market structure also from perfect competition market structure to the monopoly competition market structure changes.The trend of the machine tool industry production concentration increasing, will promote China’s machine tool power shift to the world.& have spent

& have spent& have spent& have spentMachine tool industry consolidation is imperative

machine tool industry has always been a collection of labor intensive, capital intensive and technology intensive industries, industry barriers to entry is higher, even to enter if you can’t reach a certain scale of enterprise, it is difficult to generate profits.Large enterprises can, through large-scale procurement and production and lower costs by coordinating different subsidiary or division produce synergies, to establish a global sales team will products cover to different places and market.

as a result, the characteristics of the machine tool industry has a large constant strong, read the future of the machine tool industry mainly in the integration, the main form in the regional integration, the industrial chain integration and strategic integration.

among them, regional integration is to similar area of machine tool enterprises integration in together, it can focus on use of policy and management advantages to produce a good synergistic effect;Industrial chain integration is both the single function of the machine tool enterprises together, or to the machine manufacturing enterprises and key parts suppliers can set each director of together, complex machine out of a technical bottleneck;Strategic integration is the introduction of automobile, military industry, such as strategic partners, in order to more accurately grasp the downstream demand, develop targeted products, reduce the unnecessary loss in the process of research and development.

read machine tool industry in the future in the integrated, because the current development is not optimistic, only after a new round of consolidation, machine tool industry to develop further.

divisions metal-cutting machine tool is a machine tool industry in the economic scale is biggest, position the most significant industries, so by studying the development of metal machine, run into the machine tool industry as a whole., according to data from 2011 to 2016, metal machine tool industry in our country basic maintain sales revenue in 1500-180 billion yuan, fluctuations in growth was not obvious.

profit total volatility is bigger also.Metal machine in 2011 totaled 9.255 billion yuan, profit fell to $5.296 billion, 2013, 2014 have rebounded, profit is 7.635 billion yuan, profit of 7.282 billion yuan in 2016, a rise of 21.54% in the 2015, but the distance 2014 profit total there are still gaps.The output of

in addition, the machine tool industry in our country numerical control rate is obvious gap compared with developed countries.Value of metal cutting machine tool as an example, the numerical control rate rose from 22% in 2000 to 61.42% in 2015, 2016, numerical control rate is about 64.13%, while developed countries CNC machine tool production numerical control rate is between 80% and 90%, and a large room to improve.Machine tool industry development trend of


based on the above analysis, machine tool industry will present two major trends in the future.One is the demand to high-precision, intelligent CNC machine tools;Second, numerical control machine tool technology remains to be improved.

domestic machine tool industry in recent years, the market demand gradually turned to high-end machine tools, the total market under the condition of slow growth, high precision, intelligent nc machine tool market share rise, nc machine tools accounted for the proportion of total consumption rose to more than 60% of the numerical control machine tool machine to develop in the direction of high speed, precision, intelligent and green.But relatively, the domestic high-end machine tools mainly still rely on imports, domestic brand’s market share is still very low, to say the high precision of intelligent nc machine tools will be the development trend of machine tool industry.

CNC machine tool industry in China’s overall technological development ability and the technical foundation is weak, information technology application level is not high.Industry still relies mainly on the introduction of foreign technology at the present stage, the lack of its own core technology, high dependent on foreign technology, the introduction of technology digestion is still in control of existing technology and improve the localization rate didn’t rise to the formation of product independent development ability and the height of the technology innovation ability.Has high precision, high speed, high efficiency, composite function and multi-axis linkage characteristics such as high performance and practical CNC machine basically have to rely on imports.In the face of market transition, the technology level of domestic CNC machine remains to be improved.