The structure that odd screw of plastic and mechanical reciprocating type mixes refine extruder reachs utility

Reciprocating type odd screw mixes refine extruder is one of common plastic and mechanical equipment. In the treatment process of any polymer. Gift the fabricating characteristics with certain polymer or gift products is specific performance characteristics. Often need to undertake different polymer between be mixed in all or polymer is the same as the mixture between all sorts of auxiliary, dye. Overcome colophony of the partial gel grain that the possibility between its element produces or end melt. And puissant blender has odd screw of plastic and mechanical reciprocating type fitly cut the even, expensive dispersive, expensive stuff, characteristic such as drawing fuse-element. And integrated the advantage of extruder of odd, double screw. Unique working principle, the whorl that adds on one cycle sets component and facility of form a complete set, make its application wider, on a machine, can accomplish batch mixing, mix refine, model to change, dispersive, cut, drawing, take off gas, build bead, make the interfacial area that fuse-element flows in the machine far large flow at be being cut commonly.

Odd screw of plastic and mechanical reciprocating type mixes the structure of refine extruder and utility to be as follows:

1, leader plane canister, screw all uses building blocks type to assemble. Machine canister is comprised by much group starting a hole and closed pore cylindrical shell, analyse divides the cylindrical shell of type, can open expediently quickly, facilitate clean, overhaul; screw by cover all sorts of snail mixing refine on core axis piece and carry snail piece composition. Machine canister and screw can differ according to stock breed, what craft asks is different, comprise good form neatly.

2, gear case and sway box is designed distinctive, came true while screw is doing whirligig, undertake the reciprocate of axial, screw every turn a week, reciprocate, whorl is interrupted 3 times, produce the strong result that mix refine thereby. Its mix action is in axial is not in radial, and happen between whorl and pin. Total stock gets inside snail chamfer even shearing stress, the stock that is not one layer is cut.

3, the permutation of type of whorl cell building blocks is on core axis, can undertake permutation assorted according to diverse demand. Machine cover liner go up how to contain 3 pin, pin cent is 6 kinds of model, sincere grows pin to use fixed liner to cover, enhancing; of the effect that mix refine to grow pin action hollowly is fixed, mix refine, installation to measure lukewarm head, long pin of crop of; of inject liquid auxiliary secures liner to cover; crop pin to be used jam reserve pin of short sincere of refine action; is mixed to undertake to taking makings mouth stock since pin of aperture; sincere broken.

As the reciprocate of screw, the opposite motion contrail of pin and every snail piece shows a curve, produce axial stock exchange when mediate pin passes whorl space, pin is in the process of screw circumgyrate circuit, produced pair of stock with the opposite motion of snail shuttle side cut pair of screw and machine canister to undertake clearing in axial and radial. This is reciprocating type mixes refine extruder to mix thoroughly, foundation of action of mediate He Zijie. These pin are like the beater of same set, make stock realizes redistribution, discontinuous whorl makes stock produces circumfluence, make stock bears to be cut continuously, the process of orientaton, cut, fold, drawing.

One part fuse-element is united in wedlock afresh, one part fuse-element goes further break up, in the snail chamfer of every L/D, fuse-element wants to be broken up through 4, from this knowable, why can reciprocating type extruder be Bineishi mixes very short long way effectively of fuse-element now. And the surface inside machine canister by whorl yuan make sweep anything away pass, shed blind angle without content, have very good from clean ability, taller transportation efficiency and stable and even stock retention period.

4, fuse-element is, action is the discharge after the pressure boost of fuse-element of high temperature polymer that will come from extruder, Qing Dynasty is pressed send crowded head giving a model steadily. No matter how force of extruder internal pressure changes, how does discharge fluctuate, fuse-element pump can furnish from beginning to end the stock that modular head measures certainly. Gear is the core of fuse-element pump, the whirl of gear and respect of to bite syncretic can squash tine) the fuse-element between I, make stock carries another ground; from one aspect of the matter on the other hand the clench the teeth of gear can close low-pressure antrum, decrease to drop treatment temperature upstream, be helpful for building higher output pressure. We use involute helical gear, can increase the registration of gear clench the teeth, when clench the teeth as gear ceaseless inspiratory can undertake add, smooth extruding to stock with eduction, reduce the wave motion of pressure, achieve stability to carry the end of fuse-element. At the same time helical gear still is had certain from clean action, avoid the deposit of stock to decompose.

In fuse-element pump exterior of heat, cooling device, the purpose is control temperature inside certain limits, make its hold first-rate craft position, heat means has report to heat with oil two kinds of forms. Additional, the working principle that reciprocating type odd screw mixes refine crowded airplane and character decide this machine is used at plastic processing to be not its director, but, match after extruder with fuse-element pump, shape together modular head join, combine the modified that mix refine and processing the 2 brand-new technology that are an organic whole, decreased to build a link, mean reduce investment, reduce manufacturing cost, shorten production is periodic, saved the sources of energy, the hot course that fuse-element omited fabricating model is changed, the advanced sex of this one technology and economy are self-evident. Fuse-element pump jacket has a group of pressure sensor, measure an its pressure change well and truly, be helpful for the adjustment of craft.

5, accurate metric. , way of logical feed in raw material is the key that carries out a recipe strictly, also be assure product quality the first close, we the function according to stock, the need of the user, deserve to have a variety of feeding stuff kind, if volumenometer quantity, dynamic weightlessness is metric,wait a moment, in order to satisfy the need of different product.

6, the system deserves to have screw of compulsive feed in raw material, side direction double screw is fed makings, preventive makings piles up in mouth of feed in raw material, expect in order to make sure each constituent stock is entered in proportion at the same time, solved the environment that creates as a result of premix to pollute a problem.

7, this machine uses device of Xi Menzi frequency control, function is admirable, reliable. Cylindrical shell uses report to add hot water to cool, deserve to have 2 class pressure sensor, intelligence of 6 groups of RKC charge lukewarm unit, two-way PID adjusts, the frit temperature inside canister of quadruplet development machine spends sensor. Bona fide reflects the actual temperature of each area fuse-element, additional, have appearance of check of make one’s rounds of a many dot temperature, so this equipment accuses Wen Zhun truly, the error is small. Interlock of advanced machinery, electric equipment, have machinery and electric equipment double overload protection, can protect equipment and person security effectively, imitate is set to show drawing board on ark of device control character, circumstance of each place roll shows set intuitionistic and clear.

8, the system deserves to the water-cooling that pull silk cuts bead, eager water-cooling, eager wind is cold wait for a few kinds of means that cut bead. Can differ according to material, the requirement of the user undertakes configuration.

9, the system deserves to pair of rank type create an unit, use equidistant waiting for extruder of deep odd screw to carry fuse-element action is the model that finish change and fore-and-aft mix, those who build stability is crowded give pressure, because its rotate speed is inferior. Cut consequently inferior, avoid stock to produce advocate cut heat, accuse lukewarm optimal.

Such configuration to a few low product of sex of epispastic, heat quick will tell, the system will be mixed refine and build pressure two paces craft is handled apart, turn fuse-element model hand in after finishing constant pressure, send crowded head giving a model lukewarmly, mensurably to cut bead surely, prevent to heat up quick sex and the degradation that cut quick sex stock, have yield tall, produce character to measure stable characteristic, the process that mix refine can be optimized do not suffer create makings craft effect. In the process that enters odd screw in stock, set vacuum exhaust, exhaust of this kind of method because exhaust area is large, change of stock watch area is big, have sufficient exhaust time, compare exhaust of extruder of sheet rank exhaust to change so fruit is good.

10, in leader plane canister jacket has hopper of evacuating device and automatic exhaust, compulsive feed in raw material to go up, automatic exhaust all is set on side direction feed in raw material, all sorts of volatilization of the generation in the water portion in excluding stock in order to assure thoroughly and treatment process gas.