The typical to program of machining center

The work out of 1. drilling program

If pursue 1, edge random is gotten point-blank equidistant aperture. If use the vertical machining center that provides FANUC-6M system, criterion machine program is as follows:

Graph 1 The edge drills equidistant hole point-blank



N10 G92 X400.0 Y300.0 Z320.0 builds treatment coordinate department

N20 M06 T00 changes central getting

N30 G90 G00 X0 Y0 X, Y to fixed position

N40 Z0 Z to fixed position

Main shaft of N50 M03 S500 F30 is started

N60 G81 G99 R-4.0 Z-10.0 is gotten deeply the central aperture of 5mm

N70 G91 G00 X20.0 Y10.0 L03 repeats 3 times drill 3 centers hole

N80 M05 main shaft rotates stop

N90 G28 Z0 answers machine tool origin via machining origin

N100 M06 T01 changes bore knife, return treatment dot

NIl0 M03 G90 G00 G44 H01 G81 G99 R-5.0 Z-30.0 drills the first hole, add cutting tool compensation

N120 G91 X-20.0 Y-10.0 L03 repeats drill hole 3 times

N130 M05 G28 G49 Z320.0 cancels compensation of cutting tool length answers Z axis

N140 M01 reference point

N150 M99 P20 returns N20 block


The characteristic of the program:

1) uses G92 to build treatment coordinate department, coordinate fastens slant buy quantity undertakes installing in the program, revise adjust more convenient.

2) has twice change a knife automatically, use compensation of cutting tool length, reflect the function that machining center machines automatically. What the main shaft after the machine tool starts makes up is cutting tool of F 10 broach, 0 knives of knife library on how should get of the center. Because whole process uses two knives only, knife library need not turn, it is OK that place changes a knife.

3) use center is gotten (N60 block) drill fixed position hole beforehand, make aperture location exact.

4) use relative value dictates (N70, n120) gave out the position of aperture, fasten loop function repeats use, until drill hole entirely. L03 is repeat a time.

5) used M01(N140) program suspension. Attention: Suspensive switch should put the program on face plate of the operation when use M01 to put through the position, such indicator light on the face plate when the program carries out M01 are lighted bright, tell handlers the program is in optional stop, can assemble and unassemble spare parts, pushbutton starts by the loop when waiting for processing job to end, the program is carried out then.

6) program ending uses M99 P20 the method that this also is end of a kind of program, the block that it makes the process returns N20 automatically goes be being carried out then, move to stop ceaselessly.


2. bores hole the work out of the program


Graph 2 for bearing pedestal part drawing. Craft is: Hold clip last time in horizontal machining center, use turn over boring to secure the function such as the loop, not rotational workbench, in order to make sure coaxial spends a requirement.

Graph 2 Bearing pedestal


N10 M06 T01
N20 G00 G90 G55 X0 Y0 Z0
N30 M03 S350 M08
N40 G76 G99 Z-85.0 R-5.0 Q0.3 F40 uses F 35H9 of boring of loop of boring of essence of life aperture
N50 M05 M09
N60 G30 Y0 M06 T02
N70 M03 M08
N80 G43 H02 G00 Z0

N90 G76 G99 Z-25.0 R-5.0 Q0.3 uses boring of essence of life on the right side of circular boring F 45H7 aperture
N100 M05 M09
N110 G30 G49 Y0 M06 T03
N120 G00 G43 H03 Z0
N130 M03 M08
N140 G87 G99 Z-85.0 R-100.0 Q6.0 uses F 45H7 of boring of the loop that turn over boring left aperture
N150 G49 G30 Y0
N160 M05 M09
N170 M30


Program characteristic:

1) uses G55 set to machine coordinate department, parameter setting is used before treatment.

2) has G30 of the instruction that change a knife 3 times, implementation boring is different the purpose of aperture, axis of the Y when horizontal machining center changes a knife must wind reference point (N60, N110 and N150) .

3) compensates the boring cutter that handles different length with cutting tool length, make its achieve the job to nod the position to agree.

4) program ends use M30, make the program carries out automatic restoration to arrive program position of rest. After waiting for next spare parts to install clip to be over, start circularly by again, begin again new round treatment. To such keeping that machine circularly, the action of N150 block is divided outside eliminating cutting tool length in time to compensate, still make Y axis returns the position that change a knife, had made preparation to carry out N10 block.

5) bores hole in essence of life in the loop, retreat a knife to allow knife movement from time to tome, handlers is when knife of knife library traditional Chinese clothes, should special attention the edge direction of boring cutter.


The work out of 3. milling program


Ichnography form introduces below linear the work out with circular arc machine program, graph 3 it is magnet steel tile piece mould graph, the order that processes this mould with vertical machining center is as follows:

Graph 3 Magnet steel tile piece mould


N10 M06 (uses F 20 to establish milling cutter)
N20 G90 G00 G54 X5.0 Y30.0
N30 Z0
N40 M03 S300 F30 M08
N50 G01 G42 D1 X15.0 Y47.7 (D1=10.2)
N60 X20.0 Y67.08
N70 G03 X-20.0 R70.0
N80 G01 X-15.0 Y47.7
N90 G02 X15.0 R50.0
N100 G01 G40 X5.0 Y30.0

N110 G42 D2 X15.0 Y47.7
N120 X20.0 Y67.08
N130 G03 X-20.0 R70.0
N140 G01 X-15.0 Y47.7
N150 G02 X15.0 R50.0
N160 G01 G40 X5.0 Y30.0
N170 G00 Z100.0
N180 M05 M09
N190 M01
N200 M99 P02
Setting: D1=10.2, d2=10.


Program characteristic:

1) is same use the knife twice cutting tool radius compensates a function, realize the rough machining to the spare parts and finish machining.

2) program can be used circularly, undertake batch is machined.

3) radius compensates date to be D1. Radius compensates a function to want to cancel in time after give out, can produce positional deflection in other block otherwise, the function that this kind of deflection uses program restoration is obliteration not.

If 4) introduces a subprogram to still can simplify further program.