This research attachment new heat ventilation pipe seiko manufacturing highlights the heart of craftsmen

Song dynasty pundit, cheng said, & other;The gentleman of learning will be renewed, nissin rijin also.No new will retreat, no not then no refund & throughout;, he thinks, the gentleman’s study must be renewed, the new is to every day to make progress.The ancients did so, in the ever-changing modern society, individuals and businesses in a rapidly changing, to keep up with The Times, more should be proactive, go forward, advancing with The Times.Cangzhou research machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD. (hereinafter are referred to as: Japan accessories) is such a company.Research the accessories in the process of development, keep the heart of enterprising, continuous research and development to produce in line with market development needs of high-quality products.As a long development history, enterprise management professional, the scale of production of high-tech enterprises, this research attachment integrating development, design, manufacture and sales.Founded at the beginning, this research attachment will shield machine, duct, drag chain, machine tool chip removal machine, machine tool working lamp as the research object, the enterprise after years of silent and cultivated, Japan accessories in the field of machine tool accessories has rich technical experience and advanced industry vision.In recent years, along with & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;With the German & other;4.0 throughout & industry;Docking process is accelerated, our country each big machine tool companies into product innovation and upgrade of industry.Japan accessories research and development team is based on two concepts, research and development to produce laminating machine tool market, meet the machine tool consumers high-quality products.Research attachment new high ventilation pipe recently, Japan accessories to create a new high temperature and ventilation tube appearance in the market.Once the product is introduced, and many new and old users of praise.According to understand Japan accessories products always with & other;New and change, seek breakthrough & throughout;As the characteristics, so the launch of a new type of high temperature and ventilation tube exactly is what kind of technology has charm let the machine tool consumers so?Small make up take you to find out.This type of high temperature and ventilation pipe adopts high temperature resistant glass fiber + cold drawn steel wire material, temperature can strengthen material according to customer requirements & ndash;& ndash;To a higher temperature or to adapt to a lower temperature, usually temperature range in – 30 & deg;- 450 & deg;In between.In addition, resistance to high pressure telescopic duct work pressure can be strengthen material according to the customer request in order to achieve a higher working pressure, usually working pressure is 450 MMWG, tube can be up to 30 m\/s wind speed.The duct is not only set of supply air, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistant, flame retardant, wear-resistant, resistant to pull and any expansion of a variety of functions, such as not burn, contractive, not deformation, no poison, no smoke, the product density is small, light weight, in the construction and reduce the mechanical structure of the bearing.Japan attachment new high temperature and ventilation tube with good fireproof performance and good mechanical strength, this product is popular with users.High temperature and ventilation tube used in workshop, commonly used in electronic equipment, sewage, metallurgy, exhaust ventilation, refrigeration, environmental protection engineering of drainage smoke dust, moisture, high temperature gas, ventilation, etc.Is gold will shine, and good products will speak.Japan attached duct production technology, set the essence of the function and practice, has always occupied a place among the same industry at home.On the way of research and development manufacturing better machine tool accessory products, believe that this research attachments will continue to set the essence of science and technology innovation, technology talented person of wisdom, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, with strength contribute a strength for development made in China.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)