Treasure nc: wedm the best in the industry

Suzhou bao ma CNC equipment co., LTD. Is the present domestic rare with ISO9001, ISO14001 dual system management and electric processing core technology independent intellectual property rights of high-tech enterprises, with the municipal enterprise technology center and the municipal engineering technology research center, in the domestic industry enterprises, the most complete product structure, the highest market share, has strong research and development, production, manufacture and products supporting ability.Products mainly include the DK series of silk thread cutting machine tool, BM series closed loop of wire cutting machine, CNC edm, high-speed small hole processing machine, CNC edm machine BVMC series vertical machining center and BMDX series engraving and milling machine, and treasure the BM series of environmentally friendly water-based line working liquid.Company is a member unit of China machine tool industry association, vice director of the unit, the national association of special machine tools, suzhou electric processing industry, vice President of units, suzhou mould association vice-chairman unit.The company’s technology research and development center is the only electric processing industry & other;Double quotation & throughout;Center, focus on research and innovation in the field of machining technology, and electric processing technology research and product development of upstream and downstream of the research and development center.By constantly promote the independent innovation, a number of products to fill the domestic blank, a number of research and development to achieve advanced international or domestic leading level, not only effectively promote the enterprise’s sustained growth, but also the whole industry technology progress.In north-west ‘really like iron, has long been a treasure always insist on the road of technological innovation, effectively implement the strategy of science and technology innovation, bao ma core competitiveness: a firm, the development of the enterprise technological innovation ideas as early as in 2009, countries in introducing the equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization of planning “is put forward: to insist on independent development combined with introduction of digestion and absorption.Support enterprises independent development of new products, and encourages the introduction of digestion, absorption and innovation, guide enterprises gradually by the dependence on imported technology to independent innovation, promote the technology industrialization, the development of the equipment manufacturing industry.Treasure as one of the high-end CNC equipment manufacturing enterprises, actively respond to the planning outline, to the technology innovation is the foundation of the enterprise foundation, firmly establish a service to our country science and technology enterprise, the enterprise of science and technology, science and technology.Adhere to technological innovation as the dominant idea, stick to the path of technology innovation and development.Closely around the major policies of the state, targeted to further increase the investment in technology research and development, technology research and development.To meet the national aerospace, shipbuilding, war industry, new energy and other industries to heavy and super-heavy CNC machine tools, multi-axis linkage and compound machine, high-speed and efficient processing machine tools, large, precision CNC machine tools and other requirements.Bao ma started & other;Ultrasonic edm compound machine tool & throughout;Captured containing titanium, nickel, cobalt, vanadium, such as melting point, high hardness and high strength characteristics of the new material processing problems, the success of the project to fill the domestic blank.Not only conforms to the national industry development direction of intelligent manufacturing equipment, manufacturing inject new vitality of the aerospace industry, its application prospect is very broad, become one of the treasure of the fist products, has a very huge market space.Second, a pioneering enterprise development strategy in order to be able to effectively respond to because with the challenge of economic globalization, enterprises of the most important thing is to build and improve their core competitiveness, it is also a treasure m the only way to survive and develop in the future.For this purpose, the treasure to gradually establish and improve the system of technology innovation, enterprise innovation perseverance, planed and orderly way.Institutions set up level 3 innovation, research and development center + technology + project team.Research and development center, with the advantages in the school each course technology, by a joint venture between colleges, mainly engaged in new product development feasibility study, technical background analysis, put forward the feasibility report of the product development and basic theory and experimental research of new products, technical problems research aspects.Technology as the core of the company’s new product new technology development agency, responsible for new product design, production, industrial test, design improvement and product to finalize the design work.Project team is mainly to complete new products manufacturing process equipment design and industrialization.Tertiary institutions have a division of labor, in a planned way, interlocking, progressive transformation to avoid the innovation work anticlimactic, disordered management state, has achieved a remarkable success since it was in the process of practice innovation performance.Over the treasure to host, in the development of various countries, industry standards, such as the “special processing machine tool basic terminology” GB\/T14896.1-2009, the “special machine electrolysis process machine” GB\/T14896.3-2009, the “special ultrasonic machine tool machine tool” GB\/T14896.4-2009, the “special machine fused blasting machine tool” GB\/T14896.8-2009, the nc reciprocating type silking repeatedly cut wire-cut edm machine & Yuml; accuracy test, JB\/T11999.2-2004, the nc reciprocating type silking repeatedly cut wire-cut edm machine & Yuml; technical conditions “(JB\/T11999.1-2004, the electric spark machine tool safety protection technology requirements GB13567-1998, the electric spark wire cutting machine (type reciprocating silking) accuracy test GB\/T7926-2005.After ten years of exploration, development, treasure improved & other;With electric processing technology as the core technology, go to the wire as the core products, is committed to building China’s special trade characteristic industry & throughout;The enterprise development policy, constantly promote the independent innovation, a number of research and development to achieve leading international or domestic leading level, not only effectively promote the enterprise’s sustained growth, formed the company advantage of featured industries, and drive the technological progress of the industry, effectively promote the machining technology popularization and application in the field of various industries in our country, to become the domestic electric processing industry pioneer and leader, to form the present domestic electric processing equipment manufacturing product portfolio in the field of the widest and longest product line, the products of the highest correlation enterprise.Three joint cooperation, actively promote production tenet of “industry-university-institute” cooperation is to use the market mechanism to promote the enterprises and colleges and universities, academy in risk-sharing, complementary advantages and common development, mutual benefit, the mechanism of cooperation innovation, promote the combination of technology and economy, improve the scientific and technological innovation ability of enterprises, research and development ability and achievements transformation ability.Implement the strategy of science and technology innovation, to promote manufacture-learning-research cooperation, improve enterprise technology innovation ability, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, to solve the key production technology, the enhancement enterprise market competitiveness, promoting sound and rapid economic and social development of the most reliable means of science and technology support.At present, the economic integration of science and technology, the world of production-study-research cooperation is rendering mode innovation, scale, level enhances unceasingly, mechanism is more flexible and more changeable environment development momentum.In line with common development, the principle of equality, voluntariness, mutual benefit, treasure alliance with various universities research institutions widely.With the southeast university in 2008 signed a cooperation agreement to establish & other;Application technology research and development center & throughout;After had done many scientific research project of research, such as & otherAdvanced pulse power throughout the FPGA software establishment &;, & otherApplied to the high frequency pulse power line communications software director & knitting control system throughout;And so on.The joint declaration & other;Electric machine intelligent control engineering technology research center & throughout;Project in 2012, suzhou science and technology into & other;The annual science and technology development plan & throughout;And as & other;Suzhou engineering technology research center & throughout;.In 2011 signed an agreement with wuxi electromechanical higher vocational and technical schools, set up & other;Wire cutting teaching technology development platform & throughout;, & otherWork-integrated learning to develop teaching and training resources platform & throughout;.For many years to carry out a wide range of student employment internship cooperate with production, scientific research achievements, the establishment of the platform for the annual project development in theory and practice played a big role.Since 2010, bao also undertake & other;The national high school grade schools throughout the teacher teacher training &;, total training including qiqihar railway engineering school, fushun technician institute, shenyang equipment manufacturing engineering technician institute school, school of mechanical industry in guizhou, wuxi, zhengzhou technician institute, shijiazhuang engineering school, changsha, changchun automobile industry school industrial technical school, etc., all over the country more than 200 teacher vocational colleges, vocational schools by the total number of more than 1000 people.At the same time the company set up their own training schools – treasure numerical control technology vocational training schools, regular open training classes, compile training materials, the teaching of basic knowledge of electric processing, electric machine after-sales service skills, training for distributors and end users has trained a large number of professional and technical personnel, warmly welcomed by the broad masses of distributors and end users and praise.Fourth, continue to strengthen innovation ability construction continued to strengthen the construction of the technical innovation ability, promoting the development of the enterprise quickly and efficiently.Sound, objective and fair talents evaluation system and incentive mechanism, the formation of talent competitive environment, maximum limit arouse the passion and vitality of the innovation of science research, mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity.Partition scribing, pulling up and down to undertake and complete a batch of scientific research projects, such as the development of the intelligent reciprocating walking wire edm wire-cut machine, four axis nc edm puncher, the development of the three-axis CNC edm machine, large gantry high-speed carving and milling machining center, the development of ultrasonic edm compound machine, flexible automatic processing line of mechanical and electrical equipment development, the double location fast speed reciprocating wire edm wire-cut machine development, create a good economic benefit for enterprises, set up the benchmark in the industry.At the same time, build with new technology, new products of incentive mechanism of intellectual property rights as the goal.In all the staff to carry out the tooling improvement, process improvement and rationalization proposal reward standard.A technical innovation for meeting on a regular basis, improve the innovation system, and guide the employee to enhance innovation consciousness, encourage employees to actively participate in product technology improvement and improve working skills, forming good creative atmosphere.Successively won the type water base cutting working fluid (ZL200710132380.4), laser cutting machine with a new efficient partitioning dust removal device (ZL201410600394.4), multiple spindle double switching table method (ZL201510031033.7), line parallelism and perpendicularity adjusting parts installed on the device (ZL201310286447.5), cutting machine buffer reset mechanism of sheet (ZL201410600280. X), CNC bending machine (ZL201510580837.2) and so on eight invention patents and a number of utility model patent appearance, 40 for the company’s technical support and development plays a big role.Treasure to technological innovation as the life, to & other;Internationalization, branding, innovation strategy as the goal, both kyushu business model;A to speed up the industrial upgrading, & other;Quality, environmental protection, responsibility & throughout;In the world secure & other;Voice & throughout;The star of the enterprise;Through integration of global resources, borderless team hit the Chinese own world famous brand!(source: suzhou treasure nc equipment co., LTD.)