Visit to walter inductive: because of foresight and service in the market front

2017 visitors from China machine tool industry association EMO after the meeting, to tubingen visited walter company.Walter company by Richard & middot;Mr Walter was founded in 1919.As an inventor, walter founded the company’s purpose is to be able to turn their ideas into reality.Rapid development in recent years, walter company, has acquired two German companies and an American tools.Now walter company has 3500 employees, working in Europe and America to the branches, serve customers more than 80 countries and regions.Walter products are mainly four factories in Germany, but also in France and wuxi China has a production base.This tour of tubingen factory mainly produce the blade, other factory production blade, tap, PCD cutting tools, solid carbide cutting tools, etc.Walter tool quite a few varieties, widely used in aviation, energy, railways and transportation such as cars, and provide solid tool for typical parts of the industry solutions.Walter can provide production solutions not only, still can provide the cutting tool system and digital manufacturing solutions.Focus on products and solutions in the past, the emphasis now is on digital manufacturing.For manufacturing users, the future will face energy use and new materials, this will bring the very big challenge for machine tools and tool enterprises.Walter has set up a file in the product design considering these factors, and through the digital connection system, the organic combination of people, machine, tools, and to provide users with efficient production solutions in the future.Visitors a line to see the technology center and the standard and non-standard cutting tools production workshop.Walter technology center equipped with five different brand and the function of machining center and lathes, also has four stations, CAD\/CAM for different users to process optimization, improve cutting efficiency of the user.In the production workshop, the related personnel to show visitors the blanking, turning, milling, heat treatment (main) in other workshop, deburring, grinding, testing and other processes all of the important technology and the processing difficulty.Walter production workshop of a high degree of automation, to have a batch of products, design, programming, production and logistics process can be implemented automatic operation.Especially design part, just start typing cutter diameter, length and number of blades, its own software can automatically design of blade shape and the position of the robot need to install card when loading, etc., use very convenient.In a composed of a robot and two processing center of flexible manufacturing unit as an example, the operator only scans the bar code on the tray, the robot can know what each tray parts need machining, and to determine its location, then the required information such as machine tool machining tools, procedures, and is automatically call display.Through the visit, the delegation members feel walter background and connotation of the company.Walter forward-looking and its as the core to serve users, for users to create benefit as the guidance of the concept, its always stand on the market front, is worthy of reference for Chinese enterprises to learn.(the original title: visit to walter inductive: foresight and service in the market front) (source: China machine tool industry association)