Wang Ruixiang chairman goes to China survey of association of industry of machine tool tool

On March 22, wang Ruixiang of chairman of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference heads a group, what attend at Qing Ji is executive vice-chairman Chen Bin, medium group of machine couplet survey goes to China association of industry of machine tool tool undertakes survey. This survey is plan of job of year of couplet of the machine in fulfilling, the special subject survey that makes good counterpoise order company of industry, key works. The main content of survey is, the hair that knows concerned industry develops form, the main and difficult problem that face; Industry in transition the main problem that in upgrading, exists and policy suggest; The oneself of the guild below new condition constructs problem and concerned opinion proposal; The consultative industry that choose a tree is gotten army enterprise, only essence of life is especially new wait for recessive champion enterprise, and begin special subject survey jointly, form have the content, investigation report that has an analysis and policy proposal, drive the relevant matters concerned such as development of association job, stimulative industry. Association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool is standing Du Zhijiang of head of department of count of Guo Changcheng of dawn of vice-chairman Mao Yufeng, secretary-general king, executive vice-chairman, information attend survey forum. Machine couplet quality works in the branch such as ministry, lab is in charge of a comrade accompanying survey.