Waves with many processing solutions for EMO2017

Waves before 2017 emo show broadcast: efficient five-axis machining, automation solutions and digital production, the scene will show a lot of processing solutions.The exhibition window early know: the high dynamic performance is in DZ 08 FXPrecision + 2017 EMO show.Five-axis machining efficiency and precision of machine tools, automation system solution and digital production is huge waves in the EMO is the focus of the exhibition.The wave group four brand waves, stark, and modified expert schere CMS will in 12 pavilion, C04 booth appearance together.Wave group will present at the scene a variety of processing solutions, including automation solutions, there are such as: the crowns of the health care industry and stainless steel plate, the auto industry of cylinder head and the longitudinal structure, turbine components as well as in the field of aerospace engineering machinery hydraulic pieces of different industries, such as a variety of processing solutions.& other;SMARTLine”Will provide you with intelligent control software module, digital production and the two-way communication between machine tools and the terminal.DZ 08 FX Precision high speed five-axis machining center + waves double spindle machining center DZ 08 FX Precision + will in the EMO show debut.Precision + technology can gives it the super-high-yield processing advantages.DZ 08 FX Precision + 7 is the maximum torque nm, 14 kw spindle power, top speed of 40000 RPM, the startup time just 1.9 seconds.X axis acceleration for 10 m\/s&sup 2;, Y axis acceleration of 17 m\/s&sup 2;, to 20 m\/Z axis acceleration s&sup 2;.X axis and Y axis fast moving speed can reach 75 m\/min, the Z axis is fast moving speed of up to 100 m\/min.Chip crumbs – time of 3.0 seconds, tool change time of 0.8 seconds.Waves will appear for you double spindle machining center DZ08 FX Precision + in the shortest possible time for five axis machining Precision + technology in X, Y, and Z axis using non-contact linear drive, can produce greater tension, so that the feed speed faster;Can also be faster running speed, improve the quality of surface processing.Direct measurement system to ensure that all shaft has the highest accuracy.This new machine will be live demonstration processing medical stainless steel plate.In addition, the waves will display have to expand processing area of five-axis milling center FZ12FX MAGNUM and FZ18 FX MAGNUM, the two models are mainly used for aircraft turbine semal milling with hydraulic control blocks.& other;Car milling compound & throughout;: milling and turning and milling and turning at the same time, it requires to machine tools have & other;Car milling compound & throughout;Processing technology, such as waves FZ08 MT Precision +, equipped with swing milling head, turning spindle, knife tower and vice principal axis, the five axis machine tool can be six surface machining of complex workpiece.Automatic turning and milling of the complete system VDZ schere 100 DZ\/DS with waves of 12 W Variocell UNO integrated automation solutions as a typical automation system solution, the wave will display for processing cylinder components of compound double spindle milling and turning the complete system, which is a common development with the deal.The complete system solutions, is made from vertical turning center VDZ 100 DS, schere waves DZ12 W processing center, the workpiece switching device and Variocell Uno robot units.The solution for optimization of predictable zero inventory unmanned production.Waves of intelligent software system at the same time to provide you with & other;SMATline”Digital production solutions for intelligent software is a key part of automation, high waves & other;SMARTline”Series will provide intelligent software service for you.Among them, & other;DataLine”Can be configured to meet the specific needs of the intelligent device application system, designed for monitoring and diagnosis of machine tool machining process.It can collect the workpiece, cutting tool and machining center operation data, and pass the data to the department.& other;DataLine”Can identify the production process even very small deviation and find out the reason, improve the efficiency of machine tool production in order to reduce the malfunction.Waves can also provide you with the remote network diagnosis and maintenance & other;RemoteLine”System, as well as for automatic programming and simulation of nc machining & other;ProcessLine”System.(the original title: waves with many processing solutions for EMO2017) metal processing network (source: MM)