Zhang Guobao: Machine tool of clench numerical control this masterstroke

A few days ago, national hair changes appoint vice director, the State Council revitalizes northeast to do director Zhang Guobao to develop an informal discussion to point out in industry of numerical control system, must take strong step, capture numerical control machine tool this masterstroke, master technology of core of numerical control system, raise the fundamental equipment level of manufacturing industry of our country equipment.

Zhang Guobao says, future a certain number of inside year, demand of market of machine tool of our country numerical control will continue with year all 10 – the rate of 15 % rises, to 2010, machine tool of homebred numerical control is produced per year will amount to 100 thousand above, sale will exceed 6 billion dollar, market space is vast. But from the industry on the whole, although our country is machine tool big country, but still not be machine tool powerful nation, industry core competition ability is not strong. Among them very main reason depends on numerical control system and lag of functional component development, especially system of numerical control of machine tool of high-grade numerical control and progress of crucial function component are slow, already became the bottleneck that industry of numerical control machine tool grows. Machine tool of homebred numerical control progresses a few this years very big, a lot of products that count an import for a long time in the past achieved the breakthrough of 0. But, the numerical control system of form a complete set of machine tool of our country high-grade numerical control 99 % above is foreign product, although use partial country product, still also be in try out phase, far the level that did not reach client satisfaction.

Zhang Guobao emphasizes, numerical control system is the core component of numerical control machine tool, its technology level not only the performance quality that affects numerical control machine tool directly and market are had rate, to the important key such as light industrial, spin, shipping the treatment of the spare parts also has very important sense.